Faith is a reflection of what our Higher Consciousness knows to be true.  Without faith we are vulnerable and can easily succumb to failure of there is nothing to support our ideals and goals in life.  We feel totally alone.  But when we trust in God and put ourselves in His/Her care, our inner being is capable of seeing other realities and our creativity is sparked to offer solutions.  Personality is only an instrument or channel for the universal forces active in the Great Work.  It is during sleep that our aspirations and efforts are being built into our body cells.  What we think all day long influences the body while we sleep.   Choosing The Moon could indicate that you may be experiencing very vivid dreams (positive or negative) depending on what thoughts you are preoccupied with during your waking hours each day.   It would be advisable to write down your dreams as soon as you awake and then try to formulate a message from them based on your own symbolism.  Hopefully, the messages are positive.  Allow your intuition to guide you.