Hello -

Welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy your visit. The year is 2018 and the site needs updating. The days of the small personal website is a 'blast from the past'. I no longer have any illusions of working with people eager to start a business and publish a website.  Time moves on, interests change, and today's society is obsessed with  AI Technology, captured by their Iphones, tablets, virtual games, etc. I am still working with my outdated computer since I don't intend to merge with the Singularity or be captured within the 'cloud'.  Rumor is the Internet will vanish, and I don't know how much longer this website will continue. 

Many of the themes on this site reflect a different era and perception since the elapsed time span from its inception has been seventeen years. My own energies have shifted to writing and publishing. 

Maintaining this site (for as long as possible)reflects my intent to offer insight and information to an appreciative audience in a creative, honest, and inspirational mode. I am still available for:

Send email:  astdome@aol.com

Regards ~  Carol