Analyzing the Covid-19


At this moment in time, many of us are trying to understand the dynamics of the Covid-19 lockdown. Our rational minds may comprehend it as a deliberate program orchestrated by the Globalists who have used the scare tactics of a 'bogus' killer virus to paralyze the World and subject it to an obedient subservient lockdown. The outrageous scheme to undermine the World economy and strip people of their assets, livelihoods, health, and lives - is beyond evil and perverted. Besides 'culling' the herd, what is the underlining objective in this covert scheme? 

I have given this question much thought and prayed for insight. I urge readers to consider the following possibilities - which may or may not prove to be correct.

  • 5G technology.  Why would the psychopaths push so hard to saturate the planet with this deadly radiation during the lockdown? We know that Elon Musk is focusing on sending one million satellites into space to beam down 5G magnetic resonance to earth-bound antennae with support from the FCC, the agency responsible to protect the public from dangerous radiation technology. The FCC gave Musk a free pass even though they never tested 5G to determine its effects on our health. We have learned that the radiation restricts our lungs' from receiving necessary oxygen. Our bio-electrical system cannot absorb this unnatural magnitude of radiation. The 5G roll out  may well be the covert antagonist responsible for most of the respiratory illness and deaths we have witnessed the past several months in contrast to blaming an untested covid virus.

  • The possible deception has been supported by the CDC, FDA, and WHO. Please note that the CDC hasn't been successful with 'flu' vaccinations as thousands of people die from the flu and other respiratory illnesses every year. Yet, the psychopath Bill Gates (who is a strong fund supporter of the WHO) is pushing for a mandatory covid vaccination. This is unacceptable from my viewpoint as I strongly suspect most vaccination programs to be a source of research and revenue for the FDA and their adjunct agencies. It is a strong immune system that prevents sickness.  When is the public going to hold these deceptive con-artists responsible for their activities? All are controlled by the Globalists.

We also learned that Dr. Anthony Fauci (head maverick of the CDC) funded a huge grant to a China bio-lab to  research a covid virus. At the same time, 5G had just been released in the city of Wuhun, China where the respiratory illness exploded upon its populace. Coincidence?  I don't think so.

  • We have also learned that 5G does not increase the speed of anything! Rather, its very presence is detrimental to our existence in more ways than we may realize. Consider this. Even if the public finally wises up, the psychopaths have damaged our everyday liberties and lifestyles; not to mention the mental and monetary welfare of so many people. They intend to saturate society with robots - in all phases of industry and business. This is the reason they must install the 5G technology - to activate the robots! This will eliminate thousands of jobs.  Get the picture? One World Government; One World currency; One World Control . . .  by psychopaths!

  • The petroleum industry has been devalued and may soon become obsolete. Why? They want to eliminate oil-powered vehicles and substitute them with 'electric cars' - without drivers, of course.  Say bye-bye to the transport industry and all the unemployed truckers. They also want to install their 'smart meters' in their soon-to-be-built 'smart' cities throughout the World. Think of all the control they will have supplying necessities to the public.

  • So many people have foolishly gravitated to the Globalist 'mind control' tactics. It began with the Internet; a brainstorm of the Pentagon, facilitated by Bill Gates. You were introduced to Facebook, Twitter, and other surveillance programs to prompt you to reveal your personal information. Did you know this? All your info is kept on some quantum computer in the 'Cloud'. They know a great deal about you and your life.

  • A major item in the con game is your beloved 'smart phone'. They made sure you became addicted with it - you take it to bed every night - you never leave home without it.  Well guess what?  This is how they track your every move 24/7. PUT DOWN YOUR PRECIOUS PHONE!  At least deactivate it until the  time arrives when it can be used efficiently without threatening your dignity and privacy; not to mention your safety.

  • And all you microwave lovers.  You're radiating your food and beverages. Your WiFi computer and TV connections are also dangerous. So is your Bluetooth ear piece. Do you ever wonder why so many people have cancerous brain tumors? Think about it.

  •  Be aware of nanobots. They are in your body via chemtrails and vaccinations. Do some research about their influence on your brain and body parts. 

Ludicrous as it seems, our World is ruled by a very few - very rich - scumbag psychopaths. They are the control behind the scenes. Why?  Because they will buy your soul if you let them. What's your price? Can't be bought? Great! It's time to join your fellow humans and focus on resisting this cabal. How? For starters, stop buying and using their lethal technology. You don't need it to survive, but you must resist using it if you want to survive. As for the satellites, we need loyal Americans in our space program to destroy them. (This may be the next war we have heard stirrings about). This country's dark 'space program' must be eliminated along with all the psychopaths who are covertly engaged with DARPA and the Military Industrial Complex.  

I am not against technology. It has been useful and important in many industries when used positively; especially within the medical association. I only urge everyone to use common sense with their technology interaction and usage.

Today is April 21st - and still a terrified and confused public is in lockdown while the country goes down the tubes.  I cannot judge Trump and the rest of them as to how complicit or aware they are . . .  we don't know if their lives have been threatened or compromised. One individual cannot save the country. We must all become aware and unite in mind and spirit.  We must not fold.   

to be continued . . .

May 3, 2020  -   'As In The Days of Noah'  . . .

Admittedly, I have been very vocal about the present World situation. I have posted comments concerning the outrageous hoax being played out between the Globalists and mainstream. Many confused individuals haven't a clue about the true motives of the psychopaths lurking behind their false 'scare-tactics' pandemic. Individuals who have allowed 'fear' to dominate their reasoning have surrendered to their manipulation.

I had to remind myself that most people really don't care what I think about the situation. They have their own mindset and will respond accordingly. That said, I also realized how redundant the present scenario really is. Another Biblical prophesy is unfolding. Our present corrupt World is going to end - one way or another. Many Christians are anticipating this catastrophe to unfold. Why? Because it was written in Revelation - 'As in the days of Noah'. It is believed that our present World is as toxic as it was back in the ancient days of the prophet before the flood wiped out humanity; except for Noah and his family. They escaped in an Ark - (maybe a spacecraft).

Contemporary thought . . .  We (humanity) are held hostage within the Matrix under the control of the Anunnaki/Archons - (Ets). Our World - planet - are not the real 'McCoy'. They are holograms as are all humans living within a virtual reality existence. Souls are trapped and cannot escape the Matrix. They are forced to reincarnate to satisfy the Lucifer/Et agenda for 'colonized' Earth. Lucifer (En'ki) plans to wage war against the Orion hierarchy and realize victory. This is parallel to the Satan/Jehovah Biblical parable. The truth is, it's all the same rhetoric. It's as if the same virtual reality scenario is programmed to repeat itself over and over. The story never changes. Death to mankind!

Frankly, I'm quite tired of the ridiculous paradigm. Thoth (whoever he was) advised humanity to stay balanced - not to get involved with any of the virtual reality programs. In other words, stay in neutral. Don't allow yourself to be emotionally seduced and resist participating obsessively in the drama. This resonates when you  realize an awareness beyond the mundane reality of the physical 3D dimension. You no longer relate to the holographic World. You realize that you alone cannot change the course of the programmed scenario or influence people who refuse to listen. Your only obligation is to yourself, your soul's salvation, and your escape from the Matrix. If you have family and loved ones who think and feel as you do, you are blessed.  Of course, you would never abandon them. Your combined 'energy' as a unit is powerful and you will help each other to survive. 

Eventually, this moment in time will become history. No one knows how humanity will fare as a collective. We can only glean a glimpse of what the outcome may be for ourselves and those we love dearly. 

to be continued . . .

June 3, 2020 - Outrageous!! 

It's been a month since my last post.  Are you enjoying all the orchestrated  'riots' - especially the violence, looting, and senseless destruction?  Mainstream agreed George Floyd was murdered by an out-of-control psycho cop.  It was a horrible, sadistic act of violence. And people have the right to protest . . . peacefully. But the senseless destruction and looting of businesses and property that occurred in so many 'blue' liberal cities throughout the country is unacceptable. Every supposed 'peaceful' protestor who condoned the destruction and the looting is complicit and just as guilty as the idiots who went berserk. They are all 'domestic terrorists' and should be penalized by our legal system. 


  • It seems odd and unrealistic that such a vast number of demonstrators were able to assemble so quickly 'in protest' after the death of Floyd. (Notice the convergence of these rioters took place in 'key' liberal cities).  It smells of premeditated plans of the Liberal Left to promote violence and destruction if and when an opportunity arises. Those in control of the 'mob' are the same radical saboteurs that have funded other riots throughout the years. They are focused on taking the country 'down'. 

  • Most of the mobs weren't protesting Floyd's death. They were protesting  for themselves; some were even paid for their heinous violence and destruction. They are programmed misfits who hate anyone (even another minority) that has a business, car, or assets they don't have. They hate anyone who is happy and successful. They hate this country!  I question how many of them are here illegally? They are not 'courageous' young citizens of the U.S. the media projects them to be. They are hateful drifters and should be deported back to the countries they originated from. Many have been funded and brainwashed by the Liberal Left who have political control of  'blue' states for decades. 

Even prior to the protests, Liberals allowed their states to become ghettos. They have done nothing to elevate the standards of their populace and have failed to meet their elected responsibilities. Where were they during the riots? Why did their law enforcement run away from the protesters? I don't remember them having a problem arresting people who didn't wear a mask or parents playing with their children in an outdoor park during the lockdown. It's outrageous! When the dust finally settles, and the riots cease, Trump should refuse to allocate any monetary assistance to restore their cities until responsible people are elected into office.

Space X Launch . . .

Were you thrilled  with Musk's space launch?  It's a joke. Space X is owned by the Cabal and Musk is their 'front man'. Remember, he's focused on beaming 5G onto the planet via his satellites. The 5G electro-magnetic energy is  going to radiate the planet and kill millions, but they'll blame it on the bogus covid-19 virus. And let's not forget the other psychopath - Gates - who wants to vaccinate the World with a deadly vaccine to assist the genocide program.

How many trillions of dollars are spent on secret government projects? Put it into perspective. The infra-structure of the country is in dire need of repair: roads, bridges, buildings, underground piping, THE GRID, air pollution, etc. We must purge the corruption within government, corporations, academia, FDA, CDC, sex trafficking, child paedophlia, etc. The list is endless. And yet, the psychopaths are pushing for space exploration and colonization. Our tax dollars have been spent on military technology, spacecraft, weapons, super-soldiers, underground cities, etc.  The CIA, in cahoots with the Secret Space Project (SSP), traffics illegal drugs to fund many of their covert projects while the World suffers - and dies.

After stripping Earth of its human and natural resources, the predators will leave the planet and move on to destroy another. This is their M.O. 

What Should We Do? . . .

For starters, don't be fooled. We live in dangerous times. The psychopaths are programmed to KILL humanity!  Resist them. Ignore them. Don't give them any of your time or attention. Keep yourselves healthy, alert, and informed.  Boycott the media, Hollywood, AI technology, GMO products, etc. Become pro-active in your children's health and school programming.  Avoid vaccinations. Learn how to say 'NO' to anyone who threatens you or your loved ones. 

As Americans, we would benefit by reviewing tenets of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Senate, Congress, House of Representative, etc. I would like to see Adult Education programs throughout the country offer 'refresher' courses in the near future.


to be continued . . .