To all concerned:

I am not a political analyst.  Nor do I even fantasize or pretend that I have connections  with anyone working within the  political corridors of Washington, D.C., feeding me information about the devious scheming and plotting of the moles operating the fascist dictatorship that rules our nation's government.  I am an outraged and saddened citizen watching the freedom and integrity of our country  being manipulated and destroyed . . .  day after day.

Obama and his cohorts had a ''V" day June 28, 2012 when  'OBAMA CARE' was ruled 'constitutional'  by the Supreme Court solidifying another law to help them towards achieving the success of their mission:  destroying the United States of America.  It would seem that Chief Justice Roberts is the vehicle they used to accomplish their goal of obtaining more control of the country by getting his 'blessing'!

In my humble opinion, declaring the bill as a 'tax' instead of a 'mandate' had been on the back burner since its inception.  Obama and his cronies knew they would face resistance calling it a 'tax' from the get-go.  They had this solution of 'reconstructing the bill' built in as plan 'B' from the very beginning of  'Obama Care'.  In other words, they deceived the American public once again.   And Roberts may well be part of the scam since his appointment to the bench.  Perhaps he is not a Conservative as he states, but one of them . . .  

I also think Eric Holder is the 'fall guy' for another scheme to destroy our 2nd amendment . . .  they want to take away the right of Americans to protect themselves by getting the Supreme Court to abolish the 2nd amendment and declaring  the right to own a gun as 'illegal'.   

Don't let your guard down.  There is more on their agenda.  Did you know that there are thousands of NATO troops stationed around the country.  For what purpose? Nothing positive I assure you.


I have written and posted many articles on this website these past years to inform an unaware and unsuspecting public. Many other caring and loyal Americans have also contributed their share of information . .  often at risk. Our efforts to warn others about  the danger lurking within this sham of a  government since the Bush administration has fallen on deaf ears for the most part.  The planned attack of '2001' triggered the 'World Government's' scheme . . .  a scheme that was percolating for many years.  Still, many people refused to accept the truth about this evil, so diabolical,  it would stoop to murdering thousands of unsuspecting Americans to achieve their goal.

I have no desire or intention of repeating information formerly posted on this website or anywhere else.  I can only urge you to review my articles to refresh your memory of the opinions and analysis of many people including my own.  You may access these articles by visiting: 


I truly hope Americans vote for Romney.  While many people may ask, "How do we know we can  trust him?"  my response is:   Obama must be removed from office.  And don't allow talk of Hillary being his V.P. nominee  seduce you to into giving him and the Democrats a 2nd term.  This is the most recent buzz . . .   Hillary assuming the role of V.P. 

Please be proactive.  Our freedom is at stake.