Dear Friends ~

Well, we made it.  The world didn't end as predicted . . . except for the many people who suffered loss and hardship all over the world.  For them, the world - their world - ended bitterly.  Those of us who escaped misfortune have much to be thankful for.  We must carry the load no matter how bleak the future looks.  

I'll be honest.  I was very disappointed with the November election.  Obviously, my candidate didn't win.  I am not convinced of why the political situation of the country went 'south'. It's a bit of a mystery, but I suspect there are other 'energies' or forces responsible.  Hint:  my next published novel deals with the 'archons' (a.k.a. as the reptilians, hybrids, illuminati, cyborgs, grays, gin, etc.).  I'm sure you're familiar with most of these descriptive names. If not, you should educate yourself.  The information is out there . . . free.

In the old days - before the assassination of President John F. Kennedy - when the world seemed more normal and steadfast than presently,  astrologers and numerologists would discuss the various attributes and leanings the new year brought with it.  Every new year is a different 'universal year' and has its unique vibration. Case in point -  2013 is a 'universal year six' and  its major theme advocates the necessity of making 'adjustments' . . .  both personally and globally. Each new year has positive and negative vibrations.  What will manifest is determined by the actions and commitments  humanity adheres to. You reap what you sow.

I did a 'Numerology' page on my website years ago, but it was very time- consuming and I had to let it go. The information, although just the 'tip of the iceberg' for the 'new' year, was free as is everything on this website.  However, I am open to doing private consultations, but I would require a fee. (A personal in-depth 'numerology' report includes your personal life information (calculated from your birthday) for the current year operating within the universal year. You may contact me if you are interested). 

And so, depending on my schedule, I will continue to offer information on the 'Roar of the Lion Article Series' for 2013 that I deem to be  important for our welfare.  I hope you enjoy the read.