Reincarnation is one of the oldest and most widely held beliefs in the world.  The theory suggests that our soul survives death and returns to Earth to be born again into a new physical body with renewed opportunity to progress and grow in knowledge and wisdom.  It is believed that we experience life as both male and female and as members of various races and social classes.  Our many lifetimes encompass both good and evil actions and experiences. 

Since we are the sum of past life experiences, we have both positive traits and talents as well as detrimental habit patterns and attitudes.  This is understood as Karma, which is the Law of Cause and Effect.  It maintains that for every action or cause there is a reaction or effect.  It is most often spoken of in terms of karmic debt, or in terms of suffering or the unpleasant aspects of our past lives.  Seldom do people think of - or mention  - the riches of knowledge, wisdom, skills, talents, friends and loved ones which are the result of past-life actions, and also a part of the law of cause and effect - our karmic heritage.   In essence, we meet ourselves each lifetime.  Part of our spiritual evolvement is to realize that karma is not meant to be a system of punishment and reward, but a learning process whereby we acquire wisdom.  We can then use this wisdom and our free will to choose the paths of learning which will be the most positive and beneficial to ourselves as well as to others.  If you have come to an understanding of a concept or principle and have made it a part of your life - then it is not necessary to live out a  sequence of events to satisfy the "effect" aspect.

In our eons of living, we have gained an incredible amount of knowledge and expertise.  We have pursued knowledge in certain areas to the fullest while we have abandoned others for one reason or another.  But the knowledge is still part of us and if we choose, can be retrieved for use in our present lives through the means of past-life regression.


When used wisely, past-life regression is a valuable tool for enhancing the quality of your present life.  However, who or what you were in a past life is not nearly as important as who and what you are today.  What positive attitudes and strengths did you gain in past lifetimes?  Are you making full use of them today?  What mistakes did you make?  Are you repeating the same self-defeating patterns in this lifetime?  The more knowledge you are aware of acquiring during  your past experiences and how they presently affect your reactions to people, places and events, the nearer you are to true freedom and the age-old directive of  "Know thyself".

Past-life regression is tuning into the subconscious to recall memories of past experiences.  It can happen in many different ways.  Sometimes the experience/s happen spontaneously prompted by a person, place, or event that triggers your memory.  The experience is often called "déjà vu".  Meditation is another method by which past-life memories can be recalled.   Sometimes we are offered bits and pieces of past-life memories in our dreams.  Nightmares and recurrent troubling dreams may often have their basis in some unhappy or frightening experience from the past.  Conventional hypnosis is probably the most frequently used method for past-life regression.  Often, some deep-rooted fear or neurosis is found buried within the individual's subconscious  that has been carried over from another lifetime.   

No matter how bizarre or strange a person's fear or behavior may be, it should never be ridiculed or minimized.  A person who has had a lifetime fear of the dark and wants to sleep with a nightlight on may have been a POW or an unfortunate victim of a cataclysmic event.  He/she may have been buried alive or imprisoned in a dark hole for days or weeks before he/she died.   A child fearful of water even to the extent of having his/her hair washed at bath time may have drowned in another lifetime.

Small children often have clear memories of past-life experiences which fade as they get older.  The daydreams they experience and the playmates and sequences they act out with will often have roots in these memories.  All too often parents are too busy to listen and will discourage their child's daydreaming and the exercise of his/her imagination as something undesirable.  As children get older, they tend to suppress these mental activities which were meant to be developed as tools for living a full life albeit with the advent of television, internet, numerous electronic devices and toys, It is difficult to determine for sure if a child is just fantasizing or actually remembering a past-life memory.

Unexplainable and peculiar behavior patterns may be clues to past-life experiences.  The best thing for a parent to do is - listen - and observe their behavior patterns with patience and intelligence.  If a fear is expressed which hasn't any basis within the present experience of the child, reassure him that whatever it is he fears may have happened as some time in the past and will not happen again.  

Your attitudes toward yourself and others will have a direct bearing on how valuable your past-life regression experiences will be for you.  With a positive attitude and determination, you can find something in almost any situation which can be shaped and used to your benefit.

What a wonderful
life I've had!
I only wish
I'd realized it sooner.