The year 2012 is fast approaching.

Will it usher in a New World of peace and promise or bring with it Earth's  ultimate destruction?

Will we finally awaken and embrace the spirit and power latent within all of us . . . 

Dear Friends ~

You and I are living and witnessing an unprecedented era unparalleled in human history -  at least in our known time frame.  (Since the world is presumed to be millions of years old, it is impossible to know how many earth changes and transformations the planet and solar system have experienced.)   However, I don't think the year 2012 should be dismissed as just another 'Y2K' when there is so much evidence supporting earth changes and the transformation of human DNA to a higher level of consciousness and/or dimension.  This is a make or break situation for humanity.

World events are escalating at a frenzy.  It is difficult to keep up and be informed.  Our Government has successfully diverted the American focus to war on terrorism, unemployment, economic collapse, fuel, food, and health crises, global warming, meteorites, ET invasion, etc., in hopes that we will not see the big picture. Yes, just about everything our generation has witnessed or heard since the assassination of Kennedy in 1963 has been orchestrated by this evil to keep us in a constant state of fear and confusion - and quite successfully.  WE, the herd, are kept in constant turmoil as we struggle to survive and keep our heads afloat, to raise our families, make a decent income, maintain our homes and enjoy our short lives.  We are spoon-fed the lie that we are free and equal.  Of course, certain ethic groups are made out to be the recipients of racial prejudice which is the foundation of the Fascist propaganda and theology that has rampaged our society and raped the efforts of the hard-working middle class.  What a bunch of B.S.  I could go on and on.  But, it isn't possible to educate you in one little article.  So many others are doing a fine job of sharing their insights.  All you have to do is avail yourself of this knowledge.  As I have stated repeatedly on this website . . .  Google  the internet and view the videos and presentations on  'YouTube'.  Then, do the research and decide what is truth or hype.  Be discriminating.

As you become involved in your search, you will be apprised of the corrupt and evil activities of secret societies that have ruled the planet for eons.  How will the information affect you?  Will you be among the many who have finally found answers to the inexplicable?  Or will you continue to live in a state of  fear and denial refusing to acknowledge the truth?  Stranger than fiction, the truth is often difficult to digest and you should take the necessary time needed to observe and integrate the information to assist you in determining your options concerning your life and your future.  

You will then no doubt wish to confront your local politicians for answers to the real issues at hand.  And it's not the ridiculous health bill that Fascist Obama  and his cohorts have used to divert your attention from what is really going on behind the scenes - it's the uncertain future of the country, the economy, unemployment, the fight for your survival.  Did you know that we are in the midst of a huge power struggle and the possible dethronement of the existing financial rulership - the Rockefeller regime and the Federal Reserve?   You won't hear the politicians discuss it on the media or read it in the papers.   On the contrary, Obama and the majority of our so called 'leaders' flood the news with B.S.  They are phonies . . . deceiving the American public and milking them for everything they can.  They have exploited us!!   Wake up!  Throw them out of office this election.  And if the next batch doesn't cut it . . .  throw them out too.  Take back your power - your human dignity - your rights.  Restore our nation as the Republic under God in which it was founded.

Based on my personal research and quest for the truth, the following information is presumed to be accurate and reliable.  However, there are always shades of gray and nothing is 100% as there may be hidden unknown factors or considerations . . .

Questions to be addressed:

  What efforts has government made to 'harden' or secure our country's energy grid

If we are attacked by another country who uses a nuclear explosive to create an EMP (electro magnetic pulse), our entire energy grid would be destroyed without any hope of repair.  Why?  Because the government hasn't addressed this emergency nor has it inventoried surplus parts essential in the repair of the grid.  In addition, our technicians lack the 'know how' to do the repairs.  And we would encounter the same disaster if solar flares from the Sun (as predicted by NASA to occur in 2012) hit the planet.  So there are two dangerous threats.  One from the Sun, which we cannot stop and another from a rogue country who is knowledgeable about this type of attack.  A pre-emptive approach may be necessary.  However, do you ever hear a discussion about the energy grid and the potential danger of solar flares or an EMP attack?  Of course not.  The political idiots would rather spin around a useless health bill.  

You are strongly urged to familiarize yourself with the 'EMP Commission Report' that explains EMP in more detail.  It can be accessed on line . . . Google.

  Why are the Democrats trying to pass the present health bill regardless of strong public disapproval?

From the get-go, House Bill HR3200 contained serious undertones initiated by Obama and his cronies!  The bill is dangerous and was not written for the benefit of  American citizens.  The major objective for this outrageous health proposal is CONTROL, which most of us are aware of at this time.  In liaison with the FDA, American health has been compromised in many ways . . . (fast foods, dangerous medications, chemical-fed livestock and poultry, artificial additives in the majority of food  . . . all in the name of greed.)   This scenario invites disease and who benefits?  The FDA vultures, of course.   Add a tremendous amount of daily stress in every American's diet . . . and we wonder why we are obese and mentally ill and depressed.  You don't have to be a genius to figure it out . . .  just become aware.

Think about all the money you and so many other kind-hearted Americans have donated for disease research.  WE, as a society should be disease free.  There are cures the scientific community are sitting on.  Secret research has developed the capability of prolonging life, growing new organs and limbs and a myriad of other unbelievable abilities.  Yet, we learn that a segment of the scientific community would rather experiment with trans-genetics (human-animal) creations and/or  create supra-soldiers to fight the wars they are still dreaming of provoking.   And . . .  they are brazen enough to go public and request government funding. 

In addition, If you were to learn where all your tax dollars have gone and what the shadow government has spent it on . . . if you were apprised of all their secret toys . . . the spacecraft, weapons, genetic experimentation, wars, pollution, etc. . . . you wouldn't  have to apologize for your outrage.   When the realization hit you that Instead of repairing the country's infrastructure - roads, bridges, buildings, etc., instead of sharing health and energy breakthroughs, instead of investing in our schools and the education of our children, instead of maintaining a healthy economy and creating jobs -  they have indulged in their dream of achieving ultimate power.  If all our people became aware at this very moment . . . there would be a revolution.  Perhaps there still may be.  

Remember this when you go to the polls.

  What is the truth about free energy?

It has existed since early 1900 (Tesla and others who have explored its possibility since then have been mysteriously murdered.)  However, the U.S. secret space program has used it to their advantage for years while we, the unenlightened herd, go to war and lose our lives over fossil fuel.  We pay through the nose for black gold - oil.  And -  we are admonished to watch our 'carbon footprints' . . . while hypocrites like Gore and  other elite own and operate their jets, drive their SUV's, heat and light their huge castles and homes and maintain their elaborate lifestyles without any restrictions.  Anyone feel a tad angry?

  What is the truth concerning 'trans-genetics'  and how involved is our country?

The United States, China, and England have been engaged in various perverted experiments for many years.  Hard to believe, right?  Believe it!  Do the research.

  What is the real story about the global elite who rule the planet?  And why do they want to wipe out millions of people?  Is it just another blood sacrifice like all the wars?

Their quest for control of the world would be a lot simpler if there were few of us.  They have the ability to spread fatal viruses such as SAAR or AIDS to ethic groups who are more susceptible.  Blood rituals are used presently to appease whomever or whatever they adhere to.  

There are five power factions - we hear mostly about the Rothschilds and Rockefellers.  Asia has their own secret governments.  Germany is in alliance with the Muslims.  All are presently fighting over who will grab the power . . . world power.   Rockefellers are supposedly on their way out.  

Let me highlight some of their other activities:

They are evil, perverted maniacs who believe they own the world and have absolute  authority over life and death.  We are their slaves. They have orchestrated many wars and murdered many people with epidemics, genocide, starvation, etc. who they considered to be a threat in some capacity.  Their sights are now on controlling the solar system and they are in possession of 'exotic' technology which is believed to be responsible for many of the recent world cataclysmic events:  hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, etc.  Many whistleblowers have disclosed that these maniacs (Nazis) are in liaison with ET's.  

This elite government has created famine worldwide and is trying to further their efforts within our country. The supposed 'shoe bomber' gave them an excuse to ration fertilizer to prevent farmers from growing their usual quantity of crops.  In other scenarios, they have restricted water supplies or polluted water streams desperately needed by farmers for irrigation.  In a recent situation, fruit farmers in California were denied water they previously accessed for their crops because government had issued some bogus environmental law to protect an inconsequential water insect  they labeled a 'species of fish'.  The farmers appealed to their governor - good 'ol' Arnold Schwartzeneger who simply ignored their dilemma.  I witnessed the interview on TV.

The Socialist Bush regime and Fascist Obama  (who work for the shadow government) have destroyed America's 'free market' system and have brought the middle class down to their knees.  Laws have been passed by the Senate and Congress that have outsourced our manufacturing and technology leaving  America 'jobless' and 'homeless'.  They have endeavored to destroy every small American business by burdening them with outrageous taxes and burdensome insurance laws.  

They have contaminated the minds of our children in academia by hiring unqualified and very often Communist and Marxist personnel, who engage in  anti-American brainwashing, ridiculing the religious and moral standards of our country. A segment of our C.I.A. is engaged in drug trafficking  and have flooded the streets with narcotics encouraging our youth to become hooked on drugs.  The kids very often drop out of school and engage in petty theft to support their addiction.   We must sympathize with these children who feel they haven't anything to look forward to . . . many of their parents and older siblings don't have jobs. The future of our country will be the responsibility of these young adults who have been contaminated with drugs, infected with free sex, prone to depression, apathy and mostly . . . confusion.

This Government has relentlessly attacked our Constitution sabotaging its laws and infracting the welfare and protection of its citizens.  They want to control everything and everyone - including your soul.  They have allowed  millions of illegals and undesirables to infiltrate our country and deplete our resources, schools and welfare programs.  They have sent our youth overseas to be slaughtered and maimed to protect their covert agendas.  

They do not value human life.  Let me remind you of the recent Swine Flu scenario and their attempt to murder thousands of people (including pregnant moms and children) with the infected vaccination.  There is a long history here.

Lets also bring your attention to the constant attempt to ban the use of firearms (a right upheld in the American Constitution.)   Through the efforts of corrupt C.I.A. agents, crime is perpetuated with the sale of drugs and narcotics while the government continues to blame average 'Joe American' and wants to take away his right to 'bear arms'. It is reported that ammunition is hard to obtain as the government has issued several blanket orders to manufacturers to consume the production.  Since they can print money at will, they aren't concerned with the cost. Thank God Americans see through this guise.  Kudos to our men who refuse to buckle down to these tyrants.

Remember Katrina?  Remember the magnitude of the hurricane and its bizarre pattern?  Remember its intensity and how it targeted our oil rigs in the Gulf?  Now remember how useless the government was in aiding the people.   Remember the scandal with FEMA.  Use your intelligence and rational.  Could that not have been orchestrated to study the reaction of the people and .  . .  dare I say . . . a warning of what this shadow government is capable of?  Think HAARP.  Think exotic technology.  

  How involved is the Vatican in the global elite organization?

Big time!   Do the research.

   Is Bush senior really senile?  Was the Queen of England related to Hitler?

Yes . . .  and yes.

   Is there a war raging between the elite factions of the world for supreme power?

As we speak.  It is rumored that the month of March will usher in a big event such as the collapse of the Federal Reserve and E.T. disclosure.  There is evidence of a false attack and invasion of extraterrestrials so that Marshall Law and U.N. infiltration within the country can be justified.  The ramifications will be worldwide and numerous.  This is a wakeup call for all  citizens to take arms and defend themselves.  

Since the American people are waking up, the global community fear reprisal and chaos of the masses (as well they should).  Obama is holding the Presidency illegally (he is not a naturalized born citizen) and some powers believe he will be eliminated eventually to avoid the government's embarrassment when the American people are informed.  Biden is not eligible to step in under the circumstances and no one wants Hillary or Pelosi to stay in office.  A temporary government will be established until an election by the American people under Constitutional auspices is held.  The Rothschilds have agreed to offer some of their gold to pay our debt and assist in the reconstruction of the county providing they are allowed to remain in their castles and maintain their lifestyles.  And there is more. . . . so much more.  Educate yourselves, my friends.  Knowledge is power.

I doubt very much that a Congressman or Senator will engage in this type of conversation with you.  They will try to change the subject.  Don't let them.

Thank you for your interest and attention to this article.  Other articles you will find interesting are: