You may or may not trust your own intuitive and psychic abilities.  Often when a situation or problem occurs, many of us are able to go within our subconscious and ask for a solution.  The answer will often come through as a flash of insight, a dream, or an inexplicable symbolic coincidence of circumstances.  Yet . . . we often do not trust this information and rationalize its creditability.
This leads to confusion and a lot of stress.  Eventually, you will seek the counsel of a therapist, astrologer, or friend.  Hopefully, you will gain insight.  What you are really hoping for is confirmation of what you originally  felt - not thought - about your problem.

Each one of us really knows ourselves better than anyone else.  This knowledge is "built into" our psyche.   Why? Because we were born with certain inherent predispositions and traits.  Unless recognized however, they can sabotage our best interests.

These traits are identified by various methods:  psychological analysis, psychic readings, astrological interpretation, hypnosis, etc.  It depends on your receptivity to any or all of these methods.  Putting your trust in someone who is capable, trustworthy, and concerned with your best interests is important.  This person will be able to help you identify your options and attitudes towards your circumstances.

Unless you are new to this site, you are aware that I am a licensed hypnotherapist, consider myself an accomplished astrologer and numerologist and have strong psychic abilities.  I also have a psychology degree.  I may incorporate all of these skills in my  consultation/s with you.

No, I do not give free readings as do other sites because I am a professional and do not employ "canned interpretations" to those seeking help.

If you desire a consultation, I may be reached at:

(631) 549-8841

(Please leave a message should my answering service be engaged.  I will call you back as soon as possible).