2012 - 2013 update


Would you find it hard to believe that the Town of Huntington has once again plowed into this neighbor's mailbox?  It was leveled after the 1st snow storm at the end of 2012.  The homeowner repaired the box only to have it knocked down again a month later.  It was obvious the driver of the plow had jumped her driveway as he knocked down a garbage pail that was positioned on the driveway.  Visibility was good that Friday morning, the day after the snow fall.  

There isn't any excuse.  No other mailbox on the street was damaged or knocked down.  Either the driver was drunk or it was 

done on purpose.

William Naughton was notified by e-mail, but failed to respond to homeowner.  Earning the high salary he does (as well as do other Town officials),  - public record - you would think his office could afford to offer the homeowner an apology as well as  monetary compensation of a couple of hundred bucks for two mailboxes!!!  It's a disgrace and shows the 'care less' attitude and arrogance of those who run this Town.

As of January 28.2013:

Petrone, Frank P, $163,879
Delcol, Patricia A, $151,421
Leo, John J, $150,841
Neira, Thelma, $149,003
Naughton, William J, $148,731
Mc Luckie, David L, .$138,499
Myrick, Andre K, $134,650
Aloisio, Anthony J, $132,740
Naughton, Michael J, $132,208  (son)
Bivona, Ester L, $131,246
Raia, Josephine A, $131,138

(Overtime is not included).



WINTER  2010 - 2011


August 30, 2011 

3rd District Court - Town of Huntington 

     The following letter was received from our homeowner on September 6, 2011.  Before reading it, she wanted to assure me and others that she had prepared her claim carefully and had ready all the required paperwork necessary for the court's evaluation - (pictures, estimates for new installed mailbox, supportive letter from Huntington Station Postmaster, etc.)  She realized early on that she had wasted her time . . .  the decision had already been discussed between Town and Court and determined prior to court date.  And even if she was aware of their biased posture, they knew she couldn't prove it.  After all, she was dealing with the legal echelon of the Town of Huntington.  And they had it all sewn up tightly.  How could she effectively challenge their code of ethics or legal dictates . . .  and win? No attorney in his/her right mind would take her case if they wanted to continue doing business.  And who cared within the 'inner political circle' if the homeowner was  cognizant of their utter disregard and disrespect for anyone who challenged their authority?  
     But times are changing.
   Many politicians, in league with their incorrigible peers, are being scrutinized.  People are watching and observing them in action.  Their integrity has become questionable and many reputations are definitely on 'the line'.  People are aware . . .   albeit  many are still too timid to speak their minds.  Maybe they will finally when the next election rolls around.  And maybe those who have made it their career to exploit others will finally be exposed.  The truth always surfaces.  Most certainly, they will have their own day . . . IN COURT!






UPDATE - June 17th - 2011

     Per letter sent by the Town of Huntington Comptroller's Office, via Andrew Persich, Deputy Comptroller, dated May 25, 2011, the homeowner was notified as follows: 

"The Town of Huntington's snow removal operator was not negligent or reckless in the operation of the Town's Vehicle while engaged in the process of plowing /sanding roadway and that the property damage claim is hereby denied."

     This unacceptable response was in lieu of information sent to Mr. Persich that the mailbox was severed at the base of its pedestal by the blade of the snow plow and was no longer functional for homeowner to receive mail in addition to the mailbox being buried several times with four feet of snow.  Homeowner was given a letter by the Huntington Station Postmaster, who personally dug out mailbox, to verify he was a witness to this damage.  Mr. Persich's comment was, "So what?  That doesn't mean anything."   

     Homeowner purchased a new mailbox and had it installed to enable her mail to be delivered months before receiving this letter from Mr. Persich   Knowing this information, Persich  had the nerve to write in his letter that the Town's Highway Dept. would install a standard post and a United States Postal approved mailbox insinuating homeowner's mailbox was unacceptable for mail delivery.  The truth be known, the Department wanted to settle cheap and issue  homeowner a $25.00 check to cover damage to a mailbox costing hundreds of dollars.  

What nerve!!!

     In conclusion, homeowner is now taking her claim to Court, hopefully  to be resolved and compensated adequately.  Yes folks, you can take the Town of Huntington to court.  Town Hall's officials work for us . . .  and don't forget this.  They hold office because of their constituents' vote.  Should the Town apply pressure on homeowner to abandon her case . . .  there are always the newspapers and other web sites.


         If you live on Long Island, you're experiencing one of the worst winters in many years.  Driving to work was extremely hazardous for you in the early mornings and late evenings.  If you relied on the Long Island rail or other public transportation, you often experienced a long delay waiting for a connection - if you even got one.  And if you're a homeowner, your challenges were heightened.  Before you could even attempt to travel in frigid temperatures, you had to clear your driveway of snow and dig out your car.   

As a homeowner, you also had to deal with gutters frozen with ice, expensive heating costs and problems, and eventual flooding when everything begins to melt . . .  if and when it ever does.

But wait.  The story gets better.  In addition to all your grief with the environment, your worst nightmare has yet to be discussed.  As a resident of the Town of Huntington, your tax dollars pay the salaries of all Town Hall officials and employees.  Yet, we seem to be at the mercy and dictates of these people . . . beginning with the discourteous lower echelon of clericals who protect their supervisors with  misplaced loyalty from your calls.  The Town official you wish to speak to is never in the office. NEVER.  And, should you ask the clerical who picked up the phone, she/he will refuse to give you their own name or the name of an assistant working with the Town official.  Or . .   worst case scenario, they will hang up on you!  Their lack of  'people skills' and professionalism is blatantly apparent.  They score high on how to be evasive, however.

The following is a true story submitted by a homeowner  . . .

After the last snowfall this past January 27th, 2011, the homeowner exited her icy front door the next day to evaluate the snow accumulation on the driveway and car.  It was approximately 2:00 p.m.  As you remember, we had a huge snowfall and it was messy.

To continue, as she was talking to the neighbor across the street, a Huntington Town truck passed by and plowed four feet of snow in back of her parked car in the driveway.  In addition, he buried her mailbox completely that was situated several feet away.  On that particular day, neighbors stated they had dug out their driveways three times by 2:00 p.m. after the Town trucks had made three passes.  One would have been sufficient.  They should have sanded after the first pass. 

Shortly  afterwards, a group of men were driving around the neighborhood looking for someone like the homeowner  to give them work.  Out of desperation, she paid them $30.00 to remove the four foot wall of snow in back of her car at the driveway apron.  To date, this homeowner has paid a sum of $150.00 to have snow removed from the apron of the driveway and mailbox.  On a fixed income, she cannot afford to pay someone to remove excessive, unnecessary snow each time the Town plows the street.

(The homeowner had hip surgery several months ago and shouldn't even consider removing four feet of snow from her driveway or mailbox).

This wasn't the first time this scenario had happened.  This is the M.O. of the Highway Department for all the years she has been a resident . . .  to push snow in back of driveways without any consideration for the homeowner who may have just shoveled themselves out!  However, this year took the prize!

As of January 31st, she discovered that the unnecessary plowing by the Highway Dept. so close to the curb pushing four feet or more snow onto her property has resulted in damaging her mailbox.  The weight of the snow on the mailbox severed it from its pedestal and she doesn't have a mailbox presently.  Needless to say, this has created a difficult inconvenience and expense.

Now for the icing on the cake . . . .

The homeowner called the office of the Huntington Highway Dept. several times to no avail.  She has also sent an email to Supervisor William Naughton  which has not been acknowledged.  Except for the more mature woman she spoke to on the 1st call -  January 27th - personnel at this office were discourteous and non-helpful during her later calls.  One of the clerical hung up on her.  Another did not represent himself properly.  

She was advised:

  • She wasn't able to get the names of Wm. Naughton's assistants.  Supposedly, he has four. 

Were you aware that it's a big secret as to who is on the payroll in this office and that you cannot  get a directory of the people working with William Naughton?   I find this very hard to believe and very unacceptable.  As taxpayers, we have the right to know how our tax dollars are being appropriated.

  • The Dept. would not compensate her for her mailbox damage directly.  She was referred to the Town's Legal Dept.  She left her name, phone number and a message on the answering machine since no one was in the office to take her call.   

It will be interesting to see how the Town addresses this complaint.  If you have a similar complaint or grievance with the Town, you should make it known.  Send an email or call and direct your complaint to the proper office.  Perhaps if enough people make themselves heard, something will be done to eliminate the indifference shown by certain officials.



As of this date, February 25, 2011, (almost one month since the incident), neither the  Town of Huntington Hwy. Dept. or Legal Dept. has made an attempt to examine the damage of the mailbox or made any overtures to pay for damages.  The homeowner has since bought another mailbox but needs to get estimate for the installation.  She then intends to submit a bill to the Town for compensation.

As of this date, March 26, 2011, The Town of Huntington has not contacted or acknowledged this woman's claim for reimbursement.  Well, that's fair . . ..  A resident must pay property taxes on time . . .  but the Town doesn't have to honor their debts in a timely fashion.  Obviously, they consider themselves above the law.