In our endeavors to understand the Universal Mind (superconscious), we realize that it is beyond our understanding.  We must submit ourselves to the God force and by concentrating on the essence of life, we will merge slowly and beautifully with the Heavenly Spirit and become aware of our own individuality and our sense of belonging.  The pool of water shown in The Star symbolizes our personal existence within the ocean of subconscious mentality.  The great yellow star represents cosmic radiant energy and the seven stars symbolize the chakras.  The woman or Mother Nature kneels on the earth with her left knee while her right knee (bent to form an angle of square) is over the pool.  Her right foot, resting on the surface of the water, shows that she balances herself by water.   The universal forces absorb every atom of our being.  Selecting The Star indicates that your health situation is improving  and that there are strong spiritual forces around you.