A woman confidently opens a lion's mouth (to articulate).  Around her waist is a chain of roses . . . (they are twisted to form another figure eight) which symbolizes the union of desires.  When we learn how to weave our desires together in a chain rejecting all incompatible desires with our main purpose, our creative imagination reaches serpent power.  Since snakes shed their skin, they are symbolic of reincarnation, regeneration, and immortality.  When we try to reason things out on our own, we experience anguish from a lack of faith which disconnects us from our spiritual lifeline.  We lack the courage and endurance Strength symbolizes.  Perhaps you are being tested at this very moment.  Think how much easier it would be if you released your fears and problems to God.  Faith makes us strong.  Lighten your burden each day by asking God for guidance.  In doing so, love will triumph over hate.