You have chosen Temperance because you are focusing too much in some area of your life ignoring all the other issues that need attention. The androgynous angel in Temperance is the perfect blending of polar opposites of male and female.  Man is a soul with a physical body and must be concerned with both material and spiritual matters.  He has stored within him the secrets of the universe.  When he learns how to balance his earthly life with his Higher Self he unlocks the door and being in a state of perfect equilibrium, he will discover his true purpose in life and experience many changes that will enhance his psychic senses.  His vision will be extended beyond this world and he will be blessed with knowledge from the higher planes.  So too, putting your life in order, using moderation in your endeavors, paying attention to the feelings and needs of others in your life, and not allowing yourself to indulge in obsessive behavior will enable you to embrace a broader outlook and realize a  happier and more successful life.