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The Comey - Roberts  'BETRAYAL'

When I learned FBI James Comey’s decision not to bring charges against Hillary Clinton, I wanted to ‘throw up’. Moments later, I heard this thought repeating in my head, “It’s another ‘John Roberts’ betrayal . . . another John Roberts’ betrayal . . .  against the American people“.  No way!  How stupid and complacent do these arrogant, low-life politicians think we are? Do they really think the American public 'buys' their fabricated rhetoric about their 'unblemished' political record and their stellar integrity? I don’t think so.

The next day, I made an inquiry on the web to ascertain how other people were reacting towards Comey’s decision not to prosecute Clinton for her failure to adhere to government regulations regarding the handling of ‘top secret’ U.S. intel during her years as Secretary of State. Obviously the ‘fix’ had been orchestrated from the ‘top’ down’ months ago in favor of Hillary’s complete release from any 'wrong doing'. What the American public witnessed was a 'mock' investigation dictated by the Obama cabal. Loretta Lynch was quoted as saying, “I will go along with whatever Comey recommends."  Really? Like she wasn’t savvy to what  decision he was going to make when enough time had passed.  Give me a break!  I was furious. Needless to say, I wasn’t alone.  

I'm sure you're aware of  the visit between Loretta and Bill Clinton just prior to Comey's public announcement.  And Lynch has a history of working with the Clintons in a legal capacity years past.  And then of course, came Obama's endorsement of Hillary.  Ugh!. . .  sigh!

Quoted from the web:

WASHINGTON – Analyzing the announcement by FBI Director James Comey not to recommend charges against Hillary Clinton in her 'email' scandal, talk-radio mega-star, Rush Limbaugh, said, "It sounds very similar to what Chief Justice John Roberts did with Obama Care.” (Wow! He thought the same way I did).

To continue . . .

Roberts famously rewrote the Obama Care law to find it ‘constitutional‘, and former Federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy reacted to the Comey announcement with an article titled, “FBI rewrites Federal Law to let Hillary off the hook.”

McCarthy said Comey made a major mistake in letting Clinton escape charges just because he didn't find any sign of her 'intent' to break the law. McCarthy asserted that was irrelevant because the applicable law does not mention intent.

I don't accept Comey's explanation for a moment.  Hillary  couldn't have cared less about her 'intent' when she repeatedly lied to us about the emails and compromised the country's safety as Secretary of State.  Her only intent was to hide her personal financial activities from the GOP!  

As WND reported, “The lack of intent to harm our country is irrelevant. People never intend the bad things that happen due to gross negligence."  Discussing the article on his show this past Tuesday, Limbaugh said, “Just as Comey was accused of rewriting the law, it reminded him of when Roberts rewrote Obama Care“.

In making the comparison, Limbaugh noted, as did McCarthy, that Comey followed one statute that cited 'intent', but ignored one that did not.

“It’s taking the 'intent' statute that does require intent, moving it over to the area in which she has transgressed and applying it where Congress doesn’t,” he noted.

That’s when Limbaugh observed, “This strangely sounds very similar to what Chief Justice John Roberts did with Obama Care.”

“So he (Comey) rewrote it in a sense,” concluded Limbaugh. “And it sounds eerily similar here to where they looked and looked and looked and tried to do everything they could to avoid charging her for what she did.”

Limbaugh illustrated McCarthy’s theme that intent was irrelevant by deadpanning, “Let me know the next time any of you are ever charged with a crime are allowed to skate on it because you didn’t know, or you didn’t intend to do what you did. Let me know how that works for you.”

Limbaugh went further and even questioned Clinton’s intent, noting, “Comey said that she was sending out ‘top secret’ emails that were both marked and unmarked. How can you not know? How can you be so ignorant? Is this a defense? Well, in Hillary’s case, yeah. But, for crying out loud, how can somebody eminently qualified to be Secretary of State not know what she’s doing? Is that gonna be the defense?"

and then . . .

“Oh, the fact is that she did send classified data, but she didn’t mean to! That makes it OK; that makes it all better.” Limbaugh suggested this was not the end of Clinton’s email saga because, “This case is not over in the political sense.”

Indeed, the scathing comments concerning Comey and Clinton made by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, as reported by WND suggest the email scandal will stay in the headlines throughout the campaign.

I wonder if Hillary's staunch supporters will still cast their vote for her this November.  I really hope not.  The woman is only in the game for the power and the money. When it comes to moral integrity, she doesn't have any.

One last note: 

"The American people shouldn't expect the person they voted for to become  President . . .  they get the person they deserve."

Think about it.  Have you done your homework?