As you may know, I authored 'Sophia and the Archons', which generated a warm response from many readers.  I am thankful.  Perhaps the novel's success was achieved because of my own interest and acceptance of this amazing Myth, (not to be confused with a fairy tale) which was obviously apparent throughout the novel's pages.  But there were also other publications - to be more specific - twelve.  One novel in particular introduces the sensitive subject I am writing about in this article . . .  'genetic manipulation of our species'. I have made reference to this novel  - 'The Quest'  - and I have extracted information from various chapters as an adjunct to this article's subject matter.

The Quest - Chapter Six:

Mainstream science has much to say about human DNA these days. Researchers at the ‘Human Genome Project’ believe that 97 percent of non-coding DNA, referred to as ‘junk DNA’, is the genetic code of extraterrestrial life forms. Professor Sam Chang, the group’s leader, maintains that the vast majority of human DNA is ‘off World’ origin and the extraterrestrial ‘junk genes’ apparently enjoy the ride with hard working active genes passed on from generation to generation. The alien chunks found within human DNA have their own veins, arteries and immune system’.

The Quest  -  Chapter Fourteen:

So much information has surfaced in recent years about the corruption, manipulation, perversion, etc. that prevails in the World. It’s overwhelming. The following is worthy of reflection:

  • Earliest records indicate the Earth has been invaded by extraterrestrials numerous times and the human species has been tampered with genetically.

  • The scientific community claims that there have been several ‘World Creations’ - all holographic.
  • Religious and political structures were established by aliens who are in control of the planet.
  • The Holographic World we presently live in has been distorted by extraterrestrials from its original creation.

  • Jordan Maxwell, Michael Tsarion, David Icke, John Lash, Graham Hancock, Tom Horn, Joseph Campbell, and countless others have attested to these ‘truths‘.
  • Humanity has been programmed for the arrival of the anti-Christ and the establishment of the ‘One World Government’.
  • Christians await the second coming of Jesus.

This brings us to the question that necessitates our attention. Who are we? How may we triumph against the Archon/Reptilian obsession to destroy our sense of ‘Self’ and purpose on our beautiful sacred planet Earth? We mustn’t disappoint Sophia's  expectations of accomplishing all She believed we were capable of. She lovingly envisioned our species living in beauty and happiness, although we had to overcome an unexpected challenge - the Archons.

When the Archons emerged from the chaos of the galactic limbs, the Anthropos (humanity) were still incubating in the nearby nebula. Sophia hadn’t morphed into the Earth as yet, but the future experience of our species, the earthbound strain of the Anthropos, had already been affected by alien siblings - the Archons. Archontic deception, focused in the dementia of the Demiurge, would eventually infect human consciousness and deviate humanity’s life process on Earth. We have already alluded to the fact that our species was altered genetically. From the demigods of Greek mythology to the superheroes of 20th century comic books, those infected with the Archon mentality have been intrigued by the idea of human enhancement, but failed to worry about any negative consequences. In both Greek mythology and modern fiction, every enhanced human has been flawed in some way - except for Wonder Woman. (Oddly enough, ‘Wonder Woman’ was my only comic book interest when I was a youngster). In the area of lifespan enhancement for instance, Tithonus, though granted eternal life, shrunk and shriveled into a grasshopper because his immortal girlfriend Eos forgot to ask Zeus to give him eternal youth. Achilles, while super strong and agile, had a weak spot at the back of his heal, and Superman would lose his power if he was exposed to ‘kryptonite‘. Using genetic modification, nano-technology, bionics, reconstructive surgery, hormones, drugs or any combination of these approaches, real-life human enhancement is looking more achievable. As with the mythical examples, the idea of enhancement being a double-edged sword remains part of the equation. At the same time, even though enhancement requires mastering and manipulating human physiology and the basis of consciousness and self-awareness, all types of enhancement are already in progress. There is a preoccupation with many contemporary scholars and physicists worldwide that humans are really just holograms existing within a holographic Universe created by a ‘Simulator‘. An example of this ‘mind set’ was published recently:

“A team of physicists has provided some of the clearest evidence yet that our Universe could be just one big projection. In 1997, theoretical physicist, Juan Maldacena, proposed that an audacious model of the Universe in which gravity arises from infinitesimally thin, vibrating strings could be reinterpreted in terms of well-established physics. The mathematically intricate World of strings, which exist in nine dimensions of space plus one of time, would be merely a hologram: the real action would play out in a simpler, flatter cosmos where there is no gravity. Maldacena's idea thrilled physicists because it offered a way to put the popular, but still unproven theory of strings, on solid footing - and because it solved apparent inconsistencies between quantum physics and Einstein's theory of gravity. It provided physicists with a mathematical Rosetta stone, a 'duality', that allowed them to translate back and forth between the two languages, and solve problems in one model that seemed intractable in the other and vice versa.”

The apparent obsession with technology urges one to ask the question WHY? If not because of discontentment, boredom, and a constant need to be intrigued, why would people be so willing to abandon their humanity? It has become obvious that the scientific community is obsessed with ‘simulated universes’ in addition to transhumanism. Monsanto GMO crops, remote viewing, nano-technology, robots, drones, silicon, virtual reality, subatomic manipulation, cloning, microwaves, genetic floods, chemical and germ warfare, cybernetics, vaccines, designer babies, and artificial intelligence are just a few of the topics. The Archon hybrids have seduced the younger generation towards the synthetic and artificial with tattoos, ELF, Scala-wave mind control, hypnotic manipulation, and technology that fascinates and captures their attention. And why is the mature Ray Kurzweil obsessed with ‘immortality’ and creating his own GOD? One is left with the only obvious conclusion. He and other psychopaths are afraid of death and are infected with the ‘Archon’ virus. This statement merits an explanation. Key to all the above is the word - SIMULATION. What does this word imply in modern jargon? Simply stated, “It is the act of imitating or creating a false illusion.” In other words creating a ‘virtual reality’. This technology mirrors the way we decode our ’physical’ reality. It communicates information to the senses via electrical impulses and the brain decodes them into an apparently three dimensional ’solid’ World which then opens up a can of worms. The many offshoots are too numerous to evaluate without time consuming analysis, comparisons, and assimilation. Every dot that’s connected brings repetitious information from the past into the mix.

While the notion that humanity is in the ‘End Times’ is an argument that has been made throughout the last two thousand years (and before), the idea may not be so far-fetched. Author Tom Horn, who predicted the unprecedented resignation of Pope Benedict XVI nearly a year prior to the Vatican’s formal validation of his abdication, has also suggested that the melding of human and machine is a powerful sign that the World is in for what is shaping up to be a ‘rocky century‘. Not only are we merging one with the other, but we are creating a new ‘species’ in the process. Horn qualifies this unusual scenario by suggesting that a future event will be used as a pretext for an attempt to centralize global power under ‘one leader’ who will be presented to the World as a savior and that perhaps this person will be the Anti-Christ who signals the End of Days. The Book of Revelation certainly paints a dark picture of these events and Horn uses dozens of ancient texts and interpretations to support the case that the ‘Age’ in which we are living will bring massive changes to our World.


If you found this information interesting, there is a great deal more of the same throughout the book including information about the origin of the twelve Astrological Sun Signs that our species are endowed with. Each Sign is blessed with unique creative attributes and has an obligation to contribute their talents towards the benefit of humanity. This is the purpose of our lives. 



During the first three days of December 2015, in Washington D.C, the International Summit on Human Gene Editing was held. Various aspects of gene therapy were covered, including the societal implication of the emerging technology, the limits to our understanding of it, and its governance at an institutional, national and international level.

David Jones, Director of Anscombe, sent this statement to Catholic News Service on February 1st: “Experiments to edit the genes of human embryos represent a further step towards the creation of ‘GM’ (genetic modified) babies. This move is the latest step after previous attempts to clone human embryos, create human- animal hybrid embryos, and the creation of three parent embryos.”

British scientists have also been given the green light to genetically modify human embryos for the first time. The experiments will be the carried out by the Francis Crick Institute in London and are to take place on embryos in the first seven days after fertilization.

The following statements reflect the rationale of these scientists . . . 

  • The announcement that scientists are to be allowed to edit the DNA of human embryos will no doubt provoke an avalanche of warnings from opponents of genetic modification (GM) technology, who will warn that we are 'playing God' with our genes. The opponents are right. We are indeed playing God with our genes. But it is a good thing because God, nature or whatever we want to call the agencies that have made us, often get it wrong and it’s up to us to correct those mistakes.

  • But isn’t this a slippery slope to designer babies genetically engineered to be healthier, cleverer or more beautiful than they would otherwise be? Wouldn’t it provide a technology that would only be available to the super-wealthy, potentially creating the kind of divided society that HG Wells envisaged in his futuristic novel, The Time Machine? Perhaps. But let’s worry about the future in the future. In the present, if those of us with mostly healthy children are worried about the ethics of gene editing, then we should ask the parents of children born with haemophilia, cystic fibrosis or muscular dystrophy whether they would have used this kind of technology if it had been available to them. If science can be used to eliminate human suffering, then let’s get on with it.

  • On February 2nd, Johnjoe McFadden made this statement that was seen in the Guardian: “Genetic editing is like playing God – and what’s wrong with that? Gene editing of human embryos to eliminate disease should be considered to be ethically the same as using laser surgery to correct eye defects.”
  • Gene editing could provide revolutionary benefits to our children. Our DNA is just a chemical. Schoolchildren isolate it from cells in the class laboratory and it can be spooled out on a glass rod looking like slimy cotton wool. When dried, it looks like fibrous paper. You can eat it or burn it and it will return to those simple atoms and molecules from which it is made. There is no special magical ingredient between the atoms, no soul -  just atoms and space. DNA is the most amazing chemical in the known Universe, but it’s just a chemical – made of the same atoms of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen you can find in the air. It is no more spiritual than your fingernails or hair. And we don’t mind clipping those when we need to.

These type of statements make my blood boil as I firmly believe all sickness - mental, physical, and emotional  - are the direct result of  power-driven maniacs who have tampered with human DNA under the guise of wishing to 'benefit' and 'uplift' the species.  Most are bent on destroying the human genome since they are the misguided robotic slaves of Archontic manipulation throughout the centuries.  These Reptilian/Archons and their hybrids envy mankind and wish to destroy humans or 'change' them to be like them - THE BORG.  

Physical and mental deformities of our species are the residue of perverted genetic experimentation and not the fault or negligence of a higher power. The Archons and their hybrids are obsessed with 'envy' and because they haven't decoded the human genome as they boast they have, they are determined to destroy the human species. One has only to observe all the sickness, poverty, suffering and deaths worldwide that have resulted from their malicious interference with our species and planet. The psychopaths are poisoning - and killing us -  with planned wars, GMO food products, pharmaceuticals, harmful vaccination, drugs, air and water pollution, as well as attacks on our emotional and mental health. How dare these insignificant, arrogant robots think they are superior to a higher power? One deadly little virus could knock them on their asses in the blink of an eye and squash all their ambitious efforts to achieve 'god' power.  Let them go back to their own god - Yaldabaoth - the Demiurge - and tell him he hasn't any power over Sophia's Divine Experiment - the human 'Anthropos'.