When is the last time you saw a butterfly?  Nowadays they seem rather scarce.  Yet, as a youngster, I remember my many unsuccessful efforts trying to capture one or several with my hands or sometimes with a very fine net.  I was in awe of their delicate beauty, soft vibrant colors and their beautifully sculptured transparent wings. Because they were so fragile, I was terrified of hurting them with a heavy touch or any uncontrolled motion.  How agile they were as they flitted from  flower to flower.  What restlessness!!   Undoubtedly, they had a short attention span and would soon be flying towards another object of interest.  They seemed to have boundless energy and a love of freedom.  To my young heart, they were a very fascinating species of insect . . . or whatever.  I did not know their proper I.D. - (a species of insect belonging to the order of Lepidoptera) - an educated fact unknown to very few kids unless they were serious collectors.  I just wanted to have one of these beautiful insects as my very own.  I soon realized that they were not to be captured and restrained as if you were able to catch one and put it into a jar or container, it would very quickly suffocate and die. Perhaps their seemingly short-lived appearance in nature suggests a theme of "pro tempore".

Within social circles, there are people whom others have termed "social butterflies" denoting a person/s interested principally in frivolous pleasure.  I do believe that there is an analogy here.  We all know or have been involved with people who, although friendly (at times), refuse to get too close and personal, need constant stimulation and activity, have many interests, engage in one love affair after another, and mostly -  love to

The Peter Pan Syndrome

 talk - usually on the light and airy surface and never too serious.  They are gifted conversationalists and have an inexhaustible reservoir of knowledge about a myriad of topics (especially trendy tidbits) and are a delight to have at your party as they are very intellectually entertaining.   It is never boring when they are around. They usually do not show their true age (appearing much younger) and may be identified with the mythological "Puer" or "Puella" who never wishes to grow up.  Unfortunately, they cannot be quoted about anything that they may have said one day as they  invariably will deny that they said it the next.  They are notorious at taking a complete 180 stand about their thoughts, which can be very disconcerting.  They are also very slippery when it comes to making a commitment.  Try having a relationship with one - a relationship with longevity.  It will never happen.  While you are the moment's attraction he/she has been drawn to - you will very quickly realize that there is always another flower which he/she has not yet visited  and with whom you are in competition with.  Best to remember to try to "spark" your butterfly with interesting rhetoric continuously. 

It is said that variety is the "spice of life" . . . particularly to the butterfly.  The astrological sign most associated with this energy is usually Gemini.  Sagittarius - Gemini's natural sign polarity - shares the restless butterfly energy although he/she delves deeper.   Because of their incessant need to explore and experience a variety of  people - and things - their  curiosity becomes both their gift and their nemesis.  However, as they both mature, they are more inclined to settle down somewhat. 

Paradoxically, what we love and dislike most in our "butterfly" individual is what we must allow to be expressed.