Well, she did it.  Despite her history of lying, fraud, manipulation . . .   Hillary Clinton succeeded in obtaining the Democratic nomination.   And right next to her was her infamous partner, Bill, who has his own nefarious reputation.  Yes, he was president two decades ago. Between them, they had about 150 years experience in scamming the public - which enabled them to 'con' the uneducated and seize power and control in government.  Not to mention - making millions of dollars doing it.  

What is so hurtful and infuriating, is that much of Hillary's 'following' - her devotees -  consist of uneducated, undocumented aliens who are in the country illegally.  They have been crossing our unprotected border unchallenged for many years while the Clintons and other useless liberals looked the other way. These illegals were allowed to remain in the country at the expense of the natural born middle class Americans who paid the 'tab' that allowed them to enjoy all our benefits ' free'.  As long as the illegals obeyed the politicians and did what they were told to do - cast their illegal votes for both Hillary, Bill, and the rest of the democratic liberals, they were left alone.  

These undocumented people came from poverty and dictatorship. Their standards were low to begin with and at present, they haven't a clue as to how our  country has deteriorated in the last twenty - thirty  years since their arrival along with the increased corruption within the liberal base - as well as the right wing 'do nothing' scammers. 

And dear fascist, communist  . . . Bernie Sanders.  You're a winner.  And maybe a 'con man' too.  We can add another 70 years of manipulation and corruption with your participation in the group of 'imposters'.  I say . . .  wasn't it big of him to advise the young millennials it was okay for them to vote for Hillary after months of confusing them with his intense political rhetoric against her. What a cunning, devious 'old man'!

However, all you imposters take heed . . . 

"You can fool some of the people - some of the time, most of the people - most of the time - BUT - you can't fool all of the people - all of the time."

You haven't fooled me and many others for one moment. We will endeavor to do everything possible to keep you from winning the nomination.  You had your moment of glory in days past.  Time for you to retire like other seniors.  Be happy you weren't thrown in jail.

Vote Trump