They're out there . . . bless their ugly little hearts.  They come in all sizes and are both sexes.  They can be from your own neighborhood, other towns, or here in the country illegally. They thrive on their ability to steal from unsuspecting people they think have more than they do whenever and wherever opportunity presents itself -  especially during the holidays.  They are oblivious to whom they may be hurting since they are  devoid of any feelings  - except rage, jealousy, and hate.

Perhaps you are a victim of a theft this year or in years past.  It can really damper your spirit and ruin your holiday festivities if you let it.  Once you deal with your anger and get past the shock, you can plan to outsmart the next thief by taking precautions and facing reality.

The world is not what is use to be . . .  say even ten years ago.  Many of the wonderful customs we once enjoyed are gone.  For example . . . you can't display your beautiful decorations in front of your home around the holidays.  If the potential thieves spot something they like as they drive around casing your neighborhood, they will find a way and time to steal it!  Your 'suspect list' may also include someone who has been to your home to give an estimate on some repair . . . or a group of transitory grass cutters.  Even the driver of the van that throws circulars and advertisements on your driveway may be the culprit.  Soon you find yourself wondering about your next door neighbor. 

Did you ever investigate someone you suspected?  All the while they were posing as an illiterate migrant or a struggling contractor, you find out to your horror that they are conning  the public - in particular YOU - and own several houses somewhere on the Island.  Many are 'slum lords' and use them as rentals.  

These thieves are very cunning and work a neighborhood with precision.  Sometimes they  will target just one house.   If they are pursued by the authorities for their escapades, they can and will flee the country.  When the heat is off, they return with a different I.D.  Many have numerous aliases.

And should you make a police report, the officer usually informs you he/she really can't do anything for you.  Oh, they'll advise you that they'll look around the neighborhood for your stuff.  What a joke.  It's long gone and you'll never see it again.  Or, they may say to you, "What can you do?  It's those crazy kids!", which is a bunch of B.S.  These robberies are done by professionals who either sell your stuff or use it.  Many of them are 'crack-heads' and use the money for drugs.

If these bimbos continually get away with their crimes, there aren't any guarantees that they won't become more aggressive and break into your car or house in the future.  It's really a problem and must be addressed.  Unfortunately, County officials have reduced residential police protection and these crooks know it.  So the burden falls on you.  Besides paying your taxes and maintaining your property, you are encouraged to install all types of security systems to fill the void of inadequate citizen police protection.  If you're normal, you won't be receptive to this arrangement. Time to let your town official know how upset you really are.

Being a decent, hard-working individual, who has worked for everything you own and justly deserve, you have the right to deal with these people without any mercy.  You probably grew up thinking it was nice to forgive your adversaries and pray for them so that they would repent.  Well, in my opinion, this doesn't cut it any more!  It merely gives the impression that you are weak or ineffective.  I believe it's time to deal with these people the way they deal with you and others. 

Sending them to prison and taking away their freedom (as they took away your possessions) is a good start.  But, you have to be diligent and take the time to pursue your rights as a citizen. Take the extra step and check their credentials (when applicable), have a security system for your car and home, and be alert.  If it's too good to be true, too inexpensive, too beautiful to display outside on your property or on your person when traveling - don't be foolish.  Play their game and hide your assets.  And if they cross the line and you can prove it - prosecute!

One last thought.  Times are unusually tough for many, many people who have lost their jobs and even their homes.  But, their answer isn't to lash back at others who haven't suffered similar circumstances. Those who are suffering must go to the source - the politicians.  They created this mess.  Lash out at all the cronies in the Congress and House.  Protest and demand help.  They must come up with the money and relief or be thrown out of office.  


Since writing this article, my attention was alerted to a very informative website:

The Schwartz Political Forum Report:

The comments to follow reflect the concerns of worried Suffolk County residents and Police officers (SCPD) who reside and work in Huntington, South Huntington, Huntington Station, and Melville.   Most have submitted their outrage anonymously.  

Unfortunately, the Report supports the original 'tip of the iceberg' observations of my article and continues to expand and shed light on the present crime situation in the Huntington area (particularly Huntington Station).  Presently, most of us may not be fully aware of how serious the situation is unless we have been targeted.  However, it has been said that when the time is right, the teacher will appear and inform those of us who wish to be advised . . . 

The main protagonists are:  Steve Levy, S.C. Executive
                                             Richard Dormer, S.C. Police Commissioner
                                             Frank P. Petrone, Huntington Town Supervisor
                                             S.C. Residents
                                             SCPD (Police - 2nd Precinct)

The comments are as follows:

  I've also seen gang graffiti in Greenlawn, Melville, Northport, Commack and Dix Hills. Huntington Station is awash in the vandalism.

  I  want to thank the Democrat led town board for continuing to fund the Day Labor Site with our tax dollars so that it enables the gang leaders an ample supply of new recruits.

  This is because Levy took all the gangs cops from every precinct and made it ONE big unit that only works in ONE precinct at a time.  So, while all the gang cops are in one place, the gang activity everywhere else will spike.

  Meanwhile Levy runs around patting himself on the back for doing more with less, when in reality you are getting less and less.

   5-0 Must Go!

  Just when you were praying it was safe to walk the streets somebody else gets the knife.

  Huntington Town Board 5-0 Must Go!

  The Town Board isn’t your problem. It‘s the lack of cops on the street.  Levy is your problem. Violent crime in Suffolk is up - the number of cops is down. You do the math.

  Crime is up because the Town has been using our tax dollars to fund an Illegal Hiring Hall for illegal aliens. Many of these illegals deal in drugs and are in gangs.

  The Town Board is definitely our problem and all the liberal media and police who loathe Levy ain’t gonna change the hard facts. ‘Newsrag’ alias Newsday can bury this but it's true. The 5-0 must go!  Dems are up to their eyeballs in corruption.

  So if the Hiring Hall disappeared - the troubles you attribute to the illegals would also disappear? That’s unlikely. Your Town Board has no power over immigration. Your troubles lie elsewhere.

  Unlikely to disappear after Hiring Hall is shut down or unlikely the @#$% government from top to bottom will do anything to close the hell hole?

  That hell hole was created by the Town Government and has never ever worked as intended. Our troubles, as you say, are created by freelance and licensed contractors who are allowed to pick up laborers with the assistance of local and state governments at the site and federal government at our border and internally. The whole town knows this Hiring Hall has been a huge magnet for vicious Hispanic gangs and they recruit illegal aliens. The blood that is shed is on all tiers of government. Throw out all incumbents who have allowed this illegal monstrosity to exist!

  Illegal aliens with steady year round employment are not usually the problem but the idle and part time workers who engage in criminal activities and hang out on street corners and parking lots are.

  The Town has passed the Rubicon. The site must be closed.

  Lets be very clear about this. When they tore down downtown Huntington Station in the 60's, it was called "urban renewal" when in fact is was "negro removal". There were no "black gangs". Just poor, honest folk. And what did the Town give us in return? Parking lots!

  How much gang violence was there in Huntington Station before the Hiring Site was established back in 2000? This was supposed to take the illegals off Depot Road and give them a legitimate (?) site to find work? How’s that working out?

  So, we have a Town government that is spending upwards of $100,000 a year to provide support for this debacle, and no one wants to correlate Hispanic gang violence with this attractive (and illegal) nuisance? What planet is the Town board really on? Maybe they should watch Field of Dreams.  If you build it, they will come . . . 

  Forget Gang Graffiti -  Try Drugs!!

  Anyone who lives near Heckscher Park knows that after hours the Sunoco Station is open to drug dealers and sellers. Have seen 2nd Precinct cops drive right by as groups of people gather there. Too many kids are getting addicted to heroin and oxycodone in Huntington . . . yet police have been repeatedly told that it is being sold there.  Just ask for Danny or Jesse . . . you can get what you want.

  Huntington #1 In Heroin Use in Suffolk County

  Way to go Democrats!  It must fit your progressive ideals!

  Huntington Town Board 5-0 Must Go

  5-0 must go - One down and four to go.

  Loitering not the problem.  Do you live in Huntington? Spend an evening at Sunoco.  See the cars pull up and someone will approach the car and take money.  Loitering is not a problem.  The fact is that we are finding kids passed out from drug use all over. Huntington is the problem.  Cops do have a responsibility to arrest drug dealers . . .although they don’t seem to care.

  You are ignorant.  White kids are selling heroin out of Sunoco and giving a cut to the Pakistani owners of the place.  That's a fact.  I am not "blaming whitey".  I  am simply stating a fact - and yes it is heroin, pot, ecstasy, vicodin, oxycodone.  These are the same drugs that are up in the Station.

  This isn't a racial issue. This is a life and death issue. The kids that are selling near Heckscher are white middle class kids;  some of whom are already on probation for selling.  I am sickened that you think that’s okay in order to push your racist agenda.

  MUST DO'S:   You want positive change?  Here's your answer . . .
1) Deport the illegals - 2) Throw the sellers in jail - 3) Throw the 'little angels' who buy the shit in jail - 4) Stop worrying about offending certain races or kids of any class status and . . .  do 1, 2, and 3.  Can't get any simpler than that.

  Dormer must go!

  I went to the "We Work For You" forum last night at John Glenn H.S. with some fellow parents who are concerned about the mounting problems in the community surrounding the school our children attend.  I guess Police Commissioner Dormer doesn't understand the premise. As we tried to voice our concerns to Commissioner Dormer, he responded by lecturing us on parental responsibility, and deflecting blame. I don't think I have ever seen a more arrogant or incompetent response from a public official in my life. At several points, Steve Levy actually had to take the microphone away from him. It is totally unacceptable. I don't know where they found this guy, or what his credentials are, but Levy should show him the door as soon as possible.

  That post was from a few weeks ago. Since then Dormer told the Legislature that the County doesn't need any new police officers. He said he could "manage" without them. Looks like he's doing a bang-up job. Some people seem to think that there is this abundance of police officers out there turning the other cheek. The fact is the SCPD is severely understaffed across the county. What goes on in Huntington is no different then Islip, Rocky Point, or Gordon Heights. At that very Town Hall meeting, Levy and his ‘flunkie’ Dormer kept bringing up the "Broken Window" approach to policing, which was developed in NYC by Chief Bratton. They said they were going to apply that approach in Suffolk County. What they failed to mention, was the reason that approach worked. The NYPD was able to use that system because (with the help of federal funding and grants) they hired close to 15,000 new cops in the early 90's, almost doubling the size of the Dept. In Huntington.  The Second Precinct is stretched way too thin. The Plainclothes and Drug Units have been depleted and are used to fill sector cars which handle all the basic 911 calls for service. Under Levy and Dormer, the days of proactive policing in Suffolk County are over.

  If you want to crack down on the "illegals" and put an end to the heroin dealing on Main street, Call Levy's office and tell him to stop playing politics with public safety.

  Dormer must go!

  What about the evil that Town board Huntington Supervisor Petrone has allowed slumlords to proliferate throughout the town and especially in Huntington Station. His code enforcement is an oxymoron!  His Community Development Agency and Huntington Housing Authority are corrupt. His party is run by corrupt lawyers and progressive liberal demigods. Their corrupt businesses continue to steal the public's wealth by not paying taxes or very little.  The Town is looking more like an actual ghetto in the center with its arms creeping into all corners.  Dormer may not be that good but he did right by attacking Petrone for not enforcing Town Laws and ‘Building Codes’ that bring in illicit activities.  Dormer was absolutely correct on that.

  Police officers have no enforcement capabilities over immigration matters. They are prohibited even from inquiring on alien status. All actions are only taken by ICE and we go years without ever seeing them.

  I'd like to know how many precincts in Suffolk County actually called ICE and how many times ICE ever responded . And if they did - then to what ?

  If  ICE doesn't respond than you know it's your Congressmen/women and Senators and Governor and President who don’t want them to.  Throw them all out of office!

  There is no "calling" ICE. Arrest reports involving those suspected of immigration violations are faxed to ICE. Despite all this paperwork, we don't hear back from ICE sometimes for years. They do deport sometimes, but Pappy ends up sneaking back in.
The answer is to throw out the Congressmen/women who do nothing. 

  Inform Bishop - Israel - and McCarthy -  they're done!

  Anyone know Levy’s salary?


PERKS:  Nassau County: Car and security detail, which includes a part-time driver.

BENEFITS:  Both executives get the same benefits package as other county employees, including health, dental and vision insurance.

  What does he DO to deserve this??

  Executive Steve Levy has declined a car and driver.  Aides often drive him.

  Oh - Driving Miss Daisy!  His "aides" drive him around??  I guess that's because he can trust them to keep his extra-curricular activities secret.

  Are you kidding me? He does a shit load more than you cops that are making CLOSE to that.  I hate the guy, but come on now.  The guy works a hell of a lot more than you do. 

  Don't confuse work that is done for the benefit of the people with work done to promote the politician.  One is public service, the other is politicking. Yes, Mr. Levy is a hard worker, but we're still waiting for him to accomplish something that benefits the hard working, good people of this county. Alas, his CV includes mostly criticism of others, a spike in intolerance, a major dip in services, and a dramatic increase in certain crimes.

  Works at what?  He doesn’t even have control of a democratic legislature. He just has to look to the west in Nassau and see his days are done. If he is that arrogant then he will be voted out of office like the rest. Times are changing.  His days are numbered. The working class of Suffolk are fed up with 'lying Levy'.

  How true. When the taxpayers realize he has been stealing from them maybe then he will get the 'Big Boot'. Case in point:   Levy has been taxing Suffolk tax payers for jobs that he refuses to fill. The budgets that Departments submit are loaded with positions that are budgeted for and paid for with hard earned tax $$ but remain unfilled. Many Departments, unless State or Federally reimbursed, are operating with between 20 and 30% vacancies. Levy does this so that he can fatten up his coffers to well over 100 million $$ while he claims to be a fiscal conservative. The legislature lets him continue this charade unchecked. I can only assume that this practice somehow works for them also. Why is Levy allowed to continue this practice.? Why isn't there a limit as to how long an unfilled position can remain in the budget unfilled. There ought to be a law mandating any unfilled positions left unfilled for more then six months should automatically be deemed UNNECESSARY & ABOLISHED and the County Budget is reduced to reflect those savings . Now that's real tax reform!!  Come on Levy.  
STOP the games !!

(Levy doesn't have to worry until 2011 at which time he will run again or try his luck at  the Governor's position.  That's a joke!   Democrats are OUT!!)

Well, this is all for now.  You might want to visit the website -The Schwartz Political Forum Report - and make your own comment.

To be continued . . . .