Although the world is in crisis and, like most of us, you're dealing with insurmountable challenges  - it's urgent that you take a deep breath and put your affairs in some semblance of order and perspective . . . otherwise you'll slide into 'victim mode'.  And - you can't allow yourself to be in denial as it won't make the fear and pain go away;  nor will it change your life's circumstances.  

Your most comforting realization is that you are not suffering alone.  People in all walks of life are hurting too.  Well, almost everyone.  The elite and powerful aren't .  They're doing just fine as usual.  Their most difficult task is to keep the rest of us in a state of confusion and fear . . . and doing it quite well.  However, the tide may be turning as many people are beginning to wake up to the manipulation and corruption the bimbos in government and corporate America have been getting away with for too long. 

If you're cognizant of the global situation, you realize that Earth and its inhabitants (that be me and you) are in the midst of a unique planetary phenomena ready to culminate in 2012.  The uncertainty of the future is causing a great deal of  apprehension  . . and rightfully so. The possibilities are life threatening.  

Supposedly, Earth experienced a similar planetary situation in the past  - somewhere around 1155 B.C. or so.  How is this known?  Science.  The scientific community has collected ice core samples at the Poles which enabled them to determine the Earth's environment for the last 500,000 years. These periods are called 'fractals' of time and the more significant periods repeat themselves at later dates.  Back in 1155 B.C., an advanced Egyptian civilization crumbled because of their inability to cooperate with other countries.  Instead of pooling their resources, they chose to war for supremacy and all suffered. 

Everyone is anticipating what the year 2012 will usher in.  There are many opinions circulating.  If you are in the dark about what all this means, it's time for you to do your homework.  Suffice to say, it is important to educate yourself unless your mode of operandi is to remain in denial.  Your choice.

At best, rather than focusing on all the negative, it has been suggested that we, as a collective consciousness, concentrate on peaceful and positive future events.  In doing so, our powerful energy will negate much of the forecasted impending doom.

So - it would be most beneficial if we all focused on the following:

Keep your spirit in a state of gratitude and hopeful expectancy.  Avoid being fearful.   It is a fact that people who are in a constant state of depression will become ill.  Don't let government or media scare tactics put you in a panic mode.  Say 'NO' to anyone or anything that tries to impose their will on you.

You are a powerful Spirit and are capable of wonderful achievements.

Allow your heart to assist in your decision making