During deep meditation it is possible to dispel time, to see simultaneously all the past, present, and future, and then everything is good, everything is perfect, everything is Brahman.  Therefore, it seems to me that everything that exists is good - death as well as life, sin as well as holiness, wisdom as well as folly.
Herman Hesse ~ Siddartha


The Inner Journey

If  you are a beginner in past-life work, you are likely to focus on the personalities and prominent figures of a time period in history.  You will probably wonder if you were someone famous or important.  Though all of us are important in the scheme of life, the odds are slim that you were a very famous and/or historic personality, albeit some people searching their past lives will discover that they were - or will be -  in the future. 

The experienced time traveler focuses on the lessons to be learned from past lives and seeks to apply that knowledge in the present.  The important quest when exploring past lives should not be to discover who you were, but rather to evaluate and learn from your experiences during those prior lives.  Were you instrumental in helping others and contributing to their welfare as well as pursuing your own soul growth? You may find issues in your past that are not necessarily pleasant or easy to accept.  If you wish to explore your past lives -

you really should explore your motivation . . .

The journey inward should start with a prayer for protection and direction.  Then, you should practice relaxation techniques after which you allow yourself to daydream.  Practice "daydreaming" by recalling a special episode from the past . . . a vacation, being with someone you love, buying a new car, or any special event that was wonderful, magical, and never to be forgotten.   Go into your mind and relive the moment; the experience; the day.  Recall as much detail as you can.  How did you feel?  What were you wearing?  Where were you?  What was the season?  - etc.  Then recall a time that may have been unpleasant or sad.  Allow your memory to function - activate your image storage and retrieval system.  Study your dreams and daydreams and keep careful journals about what you experience.  A recurring dream is especially significant.

Travel is an excellent way of triggering memory.  Some people are drawn to places in which they lived in a past lifetime; sometimes it is confirmed in a regression session.  Then there are places a person never wishes to visit.   Perhaps they spent a very sad and miserable prior life in this particular country or area. 

Astrology as well as other esoteric venues such as Tarot, the Palm, etc. can give insight into past lives.  However, the bottom line is that searching into soul memory is a personal experience as well as a personal adventure.  A regression guide or facilitator can be helpful but you will be the individual doing the real work and you are the best judge of your personal experiences.  Probably the best way to prepare for a regression session with a guide is not to prepare.  Simply experience the session without any expectations or without wanting to explore anything specifically.  Leave your judgments and assumptions behind.  Use your first session to get to know your guide and become familiar with the procedures.  Most people are a little nervous at their first session, which is normal.  An honest and open attitude will provide the most positive experience.  

Time travel is usually easy and enjoyable.  Beginning sessions look at happy, pleasant experiences.  More in-depth exploration can be experienced during subsequent sessions.