The keyword is 'money'.  This is the year to invest and put your available dollars to work . . . with CAUTION.  Take advantage of every opportunity that appeals to you to increase your personal wealth.  Forge ahead as much as possible, but be careful!  The Universal Year Eight is also the year that Karmic debts are collected.  Like everything else, there are always other considerations . . .  usually quite treacherous. 

Yes, I am a Numerologist, but I am not going to give readings in this article.  There are plenty of other websites and references for a person to learn about the numbers if they so desire.  My main purpose for bringing up the importance and essence of the number 'eight' isn't just about your money or lack of it. Rather, I wish to inform you that the powerful number 'eight' deals with your emotional backbone as well as your financial status. Have you been repressing fears, anger, revenge, resentment, suicidal and/or homicidal urges - the unthinkable?  Maybe you know someone like this who is causing you a great deal of fear and grief. He/she may be a drug or alcohol addict.  Or maybe you're tired of all the corruption and evil in government, medicine, the FDA, WHO, and every other large, infested agency worldwide that's controlled by psychopaths and the power brokers. You know - the perverted sick creeps doing all the genetic experimentation, transhumanism, nano-technology, GMO foods, DNA corruption, pedophilia, etc. The list is endless, but you get the picture.  If you have read any of my books, you certainly would know what I'm talking about.

I suspect there are many, many horrific situations worldwide that will finally erupt this year and be reckoned with by the public. Those who have been suffering mentally and emotionally from the threats and actions of others will suddenly rebel and bolt 'out of control'. The longer something is repressed - a freedom, ideology, way of life, etc., the more powerful it becomes. But this is what the evil psychopaths want. Divide and conquer.  They want various factions within countries to fight against each other.  And when the opportunity presents itself, they will take over and resume control.  BINGO!

The fact that the energies of the number 'eight' are worldwide this year indicates that the entire planet will be dealing with this explosive energy to some degree - everyone - everywhere. 

The number 'eight' deals with energies that are symbolic of the planet Pluto, ruler of the sign Scorpio. Power struggles, survival issues, incurable diseases, death, rebirth, transformation -  will surface within individuals and/or countries during the year. The micro within the macro.  We've all witnessed the intense, obsessive, power-driven energies the planet Pluto has a reputation for and those who have suffered because of it.

Noteworthy is the fact that the planet Saturn has been in the sign Scorpio during the past  2 and 1/2 years. The planet Saturn always inhibits and represses inner issues, taking action, making decisions, new beginnings, etc. because of the fear and depression it so skillfully threatens with. Now that  the World has finally been released from the grips of Saturn in Scorpio, (our subconscious) and has entered into the sign Sagittarius, I wonder if the 'oppressed' will finally fight back. Will humanity realize and acknowledge their inner power? Will the Kundalini Serpent rise up their spines?

Saturn retrogrades into Scorpio during the summer months (June-September), but it's probably giving us one last opportunity to get our house in order and become very clear about issues we've been suffering with and desire to change.  We'll never be 'home-free' as with Saturn in Sagittarius, new fears will manifest . . .  mainly our spiritual and religious commitments. Hopefully, your strong desire for change will overcome any new fears about being punished by your God or what others tell you isn't morally right.

There are issues that people worldwide are trying to deal with logically and realistically.  These issues affect all of humanity and yet, not everyone is consciously aware of what and how serious they are and that they must be dealt with. If you haven't buried your head in the water to avoid facing the reality of these threats that concern your safety and welfare by the psychopaths ruling the World,  you are aware of what I am speaking about.  Other concerned individuals are also trying to alert you and the public. I found the following article quite profound and wish to share it with you.  It deals with your money . . . 

Paul McGuire: radio talk show host, author, feature film producer and television commentator offered this information for 2015:

There are numerous geopolitical, economic, social, and prophetic events that are going to begin to escalate in the year 2015 and you need to know what they are and how you can be ready. What makes the analysis that I have been writing about in terms of future trends different from those of other analysts is that my research is based on what I term a 'broad band width of data', much of which is ignored by analysts in what is called the 'main stream media'. For example, the CIA in conjunction with MIT began developing sophisticated algorithms for predicting social unrest caused by rising food prices. That is a project based on just one specific set of data, which is 'rising food prices'. But the reality is that if we collect data from the full spectrum of information available, we can gather a much clearer, higher resolution and 3D image of the future.  At the G-20 summit in Brisbane, Australia legislation was passed allowing banks in America and other nations to no longer recognize your deposits as money. During a bank failure, a bank 'bail in' can be declared and in that scenario your money is classified simply as part of the bank’s capital structure. This means that during a bank failure your money is no longer your money; you are just one of many creditors attempting to get their money from a failed bank. Obviously, the priority will be paying off the giant creditors. Essentially, this means that the concept of your money in your bank being insured by the FDIC is no longer a viable reality.

For most people these new rules are simply an incomprehensible abstraction. But when bank 'bail ins' were implemented in Greece and Spain and people were denied access to their money, it was no longer an abstraction . . . there were riots in the streets. Watch very carefully what is now happening.  An article in the 'Economist', (December 20, 2014) - 'Public Pensions America's Greece' - talks about states like Illinois being like Greece where the state over-promised and under-delivered on pensions. According to the Civic Foundation, a budget watchdog referenced in the article, Illinois has $111 billion in un-funded pension liabilities and another $56 billion in debt for the health benefits for pensioners like Chicago’s firemen and policemen. There are other states across the nation which are also in trouble.

Before Glass-Steagall was repealed in 1999, Wall Street was obligated to be responsible for highly risky and speculative investments in derivatives. Then during the real estate bubble the taxpayer was legally obligated. When the 2008 economic meltdown happened, Dodd-Frank was enacted and the taxpayer was temporarily protected. But our elected representatives from both parties did the bidding of the giant Wall Street firms and the ordinary taxpayer is now just a small creditor as Wall Street plays a global Las Vegas with $303 trillion in derivatives.

Many of the biggest banks in America along with the G-20, Congress, and Wall Street have made you - the ordinary taxpayer - personally liable for that $300 trillion. As we look at what is going to happen in 2015, simply add together all the different financial trends and you get a clearer picture of what may happen. First, the wealth of the American middle class and the middle class in Great Britain, EU, and other nations is rapidly declining. The Middle Class is starting to look like the 'lower class'. In America the outsourcing of high paying jobs continues to escalate and many high paying jobs simply do not exist because there is no one left to buy the goods and services that supported these jobs. You have significant numbers of formerly highly paid professionals starting new careers as the managers of 'fast food' restaurants and other lower income careers, plus you have staggering numbers of younger college graduates who cannot find real employment.

The result of the loss of higher paying or even formerly Middle Class jobs destroys a viable tax base for many states. How can these states pay for the pensions and retirement benefits of their employees with a trickle of the income they used to receive in taxes from those who were employed with better paying jobs? The same scenario is being played out in Great Britain and the EU.

Now we add another major economic trend, the BRICS nations attempting to replace the dollar as the world’s currency with a new world currency composed of a basket of competing currencies. China now has the World’s largest economy and the economy of India is a powerhouse. For over a century, the World’s elite have been actively planning, in the words of Henry Kissinger, 'a new international economic order' and in the words of former President Bush, a 'New World Order'. These orders are to be accompanied by a coming One-World religion. In analyzing the full spectrum of 'Mega Data' without bias, there are numerous prophecies in the Bible which deal with a One World Government, One World Economic System, and One World Religion in the last days. In Daniel Chapter 9, Daniel predicts a terrifying One World Government that emerges from the nations of the former Roman Empire and is called the 'Fourth Beast'.  In Revelation Chapter13 we read about how the global economic system is cashless and will function with microchips implanted into people.

Obama and Pope Francis

The geopolitical scenarios involving Russia, Ukraine, EU, U.S., NATO, Great Britain, China, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Israel, and other nations involve the highly strategic Eurasian landmass, oil, trade, and the battle to topple the U.S. dollar. If the dollar is toppled through this geopolitical conflict, this is igniting a global economic collapse, World War III, and the scenarios outlined in Ezekiel 38. In the analysis of future events it is imperative not to rule out essential data due to non-scientific bias and that is why many projections and predictors of future events are flawed, because non-scientific bias precludes certain data from being included in algorithms.

A case in point would be the historical data, cultural, and theological belief systems of over a billion people on planet Earth that are rooted in the Biblical account of history. This does not require an actual belief in the supernatural aspects of the Bible or the Biblical God; it simply requires an acceptance of the reality that the Bible is the most accurate historical document in human history and that its contents have an enormous impact on the thinking and behavior of over a billion people who compose the religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The conflicts surrounding modern Israel, Jerusalem, and the Temple Mount are in many respects theological struggles.

In order to analyze the 'Mega Data' of geopolitical events the Biblical accounts must be incorporated, and to a significant extent they are by the intelligence agencies of Russia, Great Britain, EU, and America. Russia, Iran, NATO, America, and other intelligence 'think tanks' are aware of the Ezekiel 38 scenario in the Old Testament where the prophet Ezekiel predicts an invasion of Israel led by Russia, the Ukraine and a consortium of Islamic nations like Iran, Syria, Turkey, etc. in the last days. Scholars of Ezekiel 38 are aware that specific nations like Russia, Ukraine, Iran, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, and others are identified in Ezekiel 38, Psalms 83, and other Biblical passages. They may not accept the supernatural explanations or the supernatural outcomes, such as when the God of Israel supernaturally defends Israel from the invaders, but this geopolitical account is highly relevant to geopolitical planning at the very least because significant numbers of military and political leaders are influenced to varying degrees by these accounts. For example, former President Ronald Reagan represented an interesting dichotomy in that he believed, and to a large extent, planned militarily for Armageddon and was also influenced by Astrology. The elite power structure controlled by the Illuminati is also affected by documents of supernatural origin such as the prophecies of Freemason leader Albert Pike, who predicted three World Wars, with World War III breaking out between Israel and the Islamic World. Albert Pike’s predictions must be analyzed because so many of the World’s most powerful political, financial, and scientific elites embrace them.

Here in the United States 2015 is going to bring a massive increase in race riots and possibly even a race war. There are numerous reasons for this escalation, existing on multiple levels. 

  • First, there is a spiritual law of 'sowing and reaping', which is mentioned in the Bible and even in Eastern religions, where it is known as karma. The root issue of slavery has never fully been reconciled in America. 

  • Secondly, there are forces on all sides of the political spectrum that seek to capitalize on race wars. 

  • Finally, we have the prophecies of Jesus Christ where he talks about an increase in 'race wars' in the last days. The word that Christ used is ethnos, which means racial or ethnic group.

When we measure the aggregate of these combined national and geopolitical trends we see an inevitable rapid rise in domestic and world food prices, which according to MIT algorithms, leads to social unrest. Unless serious pro-growth reforms are made to the domestic economy we are on the fast track to the World Socialist Government dreamed of by HG. Wells, Aldous Huxley, and the economist John Maynard Keynes, who developed the economic policy that urges everyone to 'spend your way to prosperity'.  But seeing through the smoke and mirrors of debt-based economics, we see that debt, both personal and national, is an economic strategy for establishing power and control of others. It is at this critical point that we see how bias against very specific economic information can be used deliberately for the purpose of control. To many people’s surprise, the Bible deals with economics more than any other subject. There is a Biblical principle that, "The borrower is slave to the lender.” This principle has been well understood by kings and emperors throughout history.

When we examine the geopolitical trends that will come into reality in 2015 we must incorporate perhaps the most significant, but strategically ignored data and that is the reality of and purpose of all debt-based economic mechanisms both on a national and an international level. None of the economic, social, or geopolitical storms that are coming are random or accidental. They are strategic mechanisms for the greatest transfer of wealth and power in the history of the Human Race. It is impossible to fully grasp the reason for this strategy while maintaining a bias against essential information.

For some of you what I am about to propose will initially provoke intense skepticism and even ridicule. I understand that because for much of my life I held to the same bias against certain sources of information. The source of information that I am going to cite is Biblical. The Bible speaks of the most powerful fallen angel, who is named Lucifer or Satan. When you read the biographical accounts of Lucifer in the Old Testament you see a very clear depiction of this very powerful 'being' as a master economist, trader, industrialist, and international financier. These are not metaphors; they are a description of a being that thrives on two principles: first - a total lust for power and a desire to become God, and second -  the use of highly sophisticated economic strategies to accomplish that goal. Again, I realize this is a big pill to swallow. However, I am not asking you to swallow the pill or drink the 'koolaid'; consider it for a moment as a teaching metaphor, although my research has convinced me that it is far more than that.

For those of you who have had any exposure to the New Testament, remember when Satan tempts Jesus Christ and offers to give Christ all the kingdoms of the World, if Christ will just worship him. It was understood that, at least in a temporal sense, Satan owns and is the ruler of the World’s assets. In the Old Testament, we read the accounts of Lucifer trading and dealing with the kings and businessmen of the Earth. In the Book of Revelation, we read about how Lucifer, who is head of the Babylonian commercial and religious system, controls the total world GDP. Revelation goes into great deal about the specific nature of this global financial system, known as Babylon.

If you understand the global economic system simply in terms of assets, money, trade, etc., you don’t really comprehend the global economic system. However, there are people in very high places that truly do understand the global economic system.

On the back of the U.S. dollar they have even given you an 'in your face' message of how it really works. The Illuminati symbol on the U.S. dollar features the 'Eye of Lucifer' towards the top of a pyramid. This elite group understands that ultimately the economic system is connected to a 'Luciferian' spiritual system. If your socially engineered economic education from an Ivy League school prevents you from seeing that, then you don’t really get it and they do.

The Luciferian economic system is built on trade and on deception, such as printing money from nothing, and debt-based mechanisms. The purpose of all debt-based mechanisms is to create slaves such as the slaves who built Pharaoh’s pyramids. But there is an additional component. Satan is the father of lies; therefore his economic system is based on lies, deception, and illusion. Satan is also the master thief. Satan inhabiting the body of an erect serpent in the Garden of Eden tempted Adam and Eve through lies to disobey God’s Word. This was a satanic business transaction; it was about trading. Adam and Eve were the king and queen of Planet Earth; they owned all of the Earth’s assets. But Satan with his lies literally stole their legal right to own the Earth and transferred all of the assets of Earth into his kingdom. In addition, Satan acquired Adam and Eve, along with the entire Human Race as his assets or slaves. There is a core economic principle that is still at work here. When you understand the truth of this economic principle it is possible for you to become free from the debt-based system of captivity. When you understand that, you will no longer be afraid of what happens in 2015, 2016 or any other year.

I deal with these future trends in my new book,  'Mass Event'. 

© 2014 Paul McGuire - All Rights Reserved

So, there you have it . . .  an intense Biblical researcher, adamant about what and how the year 2015 may play out financially, and my psychological inferences about how the World will react if and when all this happens.  

Humanity has been domesticated and pacified for centuries by the teachings of religious dogma.  We have been encouraged not to rebel against those who wish to control and harm us. We have been told to turn the other cheek, not to resist evil, love our enemy, be kind and forgiving, which only makes it easier for the psychopaths to continue to murder and rape the innocent who cannot defend themselves.  We have been coerced into allowing our liberties and civil rights to be sacrificed by fear tactics, lies and manipulation. The psychopaths have successfully instilled fear within us to make us subservient. (Loss of a job, house, child, etc.). Ironically, we are now existing in the very situation we were supposed to be protected from.  Are you not concerned that you are being poisoned with lethal chemicals in food, medicine, and water? (I personally fear the food we eat and the water we drink). The vast majority of people are unaware and unconcerned that they are consuming contaminated GMO foods, allowing their children and themselves to be vaccinated with lethal chemicals, ignoring the perverted genocide and transhumanism experimentation they know exists, allowing tax dollars to fund and sanction 'dark' DARPA  technology programs, purchasing cars and technology that are designed and packaged with built-in spy apparatus that allows the Archon/psychopath governments to invade our privacy in every area of our lives including our minds . . . UGH!!!  We have been violated in every conceivable way by these evil psychopaths who hate humanity. Where is the inner God-spark to survive that we were all born with?  

Will society continue to turn the other cheek when millions of people are starving and homeless, robbed of their assets, belongings, homes . . .  even their children?  Will they resist Marshall Law and imprisonment in barb-wired prison camps?.  History does seem to be repeating itself  . . .   as in the days of 'Noah'.  How depressing. 

Will you comply and resign yourself to servitude and not resist the tyranny?  I hope not.   I hope you read and remember this page. The time is approaching when you will have to make an important decision based on these facts and those you already know.

to be continued . . .