A message to every American:

'Divide and Conquer'!  This is a strategy used by every conqueror and dictator since ancient Rome. Caesar used it to defeat Gaul. And dear friends, this is the same theme  our corrupt US government has been endeavoring to accomplish in our country for many years.  Dividing the thinking and opinions of a nation, a tribe, an ethic group . . . will eventually weaken them into submission. Those in office have been 'bought' by their 'handlers' . . . Soros, Brzezinski, Gates, Buffett, Rockefeller, Rothschild - to name just a few. They have created hatred, poverty, and chaos in almost every area of society. It wasn't always this way. But, let's face it. Our  Constitution and Bill of Rights have been violated by the Obama administration and the county has been slowly deteriorating for the last 40 - 50 years. Many of you are waking up to this fact. You realize that these depraved bastards want to conquer the World with their 'One World Government/Religion' program - divide it up into a few select territories, put people in poverty and sickness - and force them into obedience and subservience!

This election is extremely important.  We must not allow Hillary Clinton to win the presidency.  Please be aware of all the depraved, ugly tactics and billions of dollars her backers (some of the mentioned above) have used to win her the election. They will do anything they can think of to discourage people from electing an 'outsider' to the oval office; namely Donald Trump.  They had the same fear for Ted Cruz.  Why? Because they don't want to lose control. They don't want to be deprived of all the perks and power they have accumulated to date.  It is now pretty clear as to why they are terrified of losing this election.  Allow me to share some insights with you:  

  • After the second debate (Trump was very effective), it  became apparent  as to what Hillary and her party were trying so desperately to protect. The billionaires who are funding her campaign don't want their tax write-offs and other perks taken away from them. This is how they have accumulated their fortunes for decades. Yet, Hillary and her robot VP, Tim Kaine, accused Trump of tax invasion because he took the same  write-offs as Hillary's backers  did on their tax returns. 

  • Note: Trump utilized a totally legal loophole in the tax code; one that other developers used as well. The owner of an S-Corp. doesn’t have to pay tax on a debt relief if the company is financially far underwater. (The write-offs are legal since they were written into law by politicians as 'pay back' to their financial contributors from past elections). 

Trump disclosed this information at the debate and said he wanted to revise the tax system to help the country reverse the unbelievable debt that has accumulated during the Obama's administration. With Hillary in office, taxes would continue to be enforced in their usual biased  way, 'milking' the American public and allowing the 'big guns' to become more powerful and wealthy while our country is in dire need of repair on many levels.  Remember, one percent of the population own ninety percent of the world's wealth.  

  • Open borders.  Obama and his cronies have refused to protect our borders, which has encouraged illegal drugs, criminals, terrorists, and un-vetted entities into our country. These same illegal and uneducated people are given benefits and allowed  to vote in our elections (for Democrats, of course). What an outrage and betrayal to our country! We all know, or should, these politics have weakened our security, deteriorated our infra-structure, and escalated our financial debt. It is crucial that our existing laws be enforced and in many cases,  revised. Be aware that Hillary wants 'open borders' as was revealed by wikileaks  in one of her hacked emails although she repeatedly lies to her constituents that she will protect our 'borders' when she campaigns. Clinton is  an obsessive liar and fraud.

In addition, I have a big problem with our government's unsupervised vetting program of  illegals entering the country. Many are illiterate and unskilled. Recent example: During a segment on the Bill O'Reilly show - 'Watters World' - Watters asked the question: "Who discovered America?"  The reply - 'Lincoln'.  Then - "Who did Lincoln first talk to when he got here?"  The answer - 'The Pilgrims'. And to rub salt in the existing scenario - it isn't much different when college students cannot give correct answers to questions they should know. What the hell are they learning in academia?

Does our country really need uneducated and unskilled  illegals here? The out-worn policy of the US giving citizenship to a child born in this country by an illegal mother must be changed as well as our entire policy on immigration. 

  • Second Amendment.  After the death (murder) of Supreme Court Justice Scalia (it is suspected that he was smothered in his sleep), the power balance between right and left wing shifted. Crafty Obama wanted to appoint someone (without Congress' consent) who would give control to his left wing cabal - thus  helping him to damage our 2nd Amendment rights.  If Hillary wins the election, this will become a reality as she is nothing more than an extension of Obama policy. Losing out right to bear arms, we Americans would not be able to defend ourselves should the government pull a 'Marshall Law' scenario and round up anyone they considered dangerous and rebellious.  Is this what you want? 

In desperation, the left-wing psychopaths have tried to destroy Trump's nomination with their usual depraved 'smear' tactics. They managed to resurrect a 2005  tape  in which Trump was  recorded using 'locker-room' language (disrespectful comments about women) in a conversation with 'Todays' Billy Bush while they were on a bus tour. It was laughable to hear so many left wing  'phonies' declare that they had never heard 'such terrible, disgusting language'. I guess they're not aware of all the videos about Bill and Hillary's sex scandals reported on YouTube (web) that disclosed their long history of perversion, illicit sex, and corruption. What a bunch of phony A-holes.

The smut left-wing experts are using the tape (with the help of the supportive media) to target women voters in an attempt to convince them into thinking that Trump's  remarks on the tape were more damaging and egregious than Hillary's lies to the American public about her many covert discretions that have been exposed on a daily basis by wikileaks. She is a sick, devious, elderly woman who is obsessed to become 'president' - her  ultimate 'power' status. She will say anything to get elected.  My advice to her is that she had her moment in the political limelight and should now  be spending her last years with her family and grandchildren.   

The Clinton campaign has repeatedly argued that women should not vote for Trump because he is a misogynist. Yet, most people know about her husband's disrespect for the women he raped and accosted twenty years ago.  Do you? For those who haven't a clue as to what Hillary and her smut campaign have been engaged with behind the scenes, here are a few tidbits:

  • Animosity against the Catholic Church and Evangelicals

  • Open borders - non-vetting illegals

  • Collusion with the media (TV - newspapers) 

  • Disparaging remarks against the Latin and Black community

  • Calling Trump's followers unredeemable - deplorable

  • Plotting against the 2nd amendment

  • Contempt for the American people

In desperation, Clinton and her campaign are trying to pin all kinds of sexual accusations on Trump. They are ignorant, mindless psychopaths who have stooped to 'gutter level'  using this type of smut against Trump while Hillary has her own nefarious history that she cannot defend. Except for the worn-out Obama policies she endorses and will enforce if elected, she doesn't  have any new, positive programs to help the country get out of the mess it's in because of the past eight years of  Obama's sabotage tactics.  He was the obedient puppet of Soros and Brzezinsk, who endorsed him financially to win the election and schooled him in fascist/communist ideology.

In conclusion, I am appealing to young Americans, women, and confused voters  who are undecided as to how they will vote - or even if they intend to vote.  Please do some research.  Learn the real facts.  Don't let these phonies discourage you from voting for Trump.  He certainly is not perfect.  And he was wrong to use the rhetoric about women.  It happened eleven years ago. He apologized just like Hillary  apologized for destroying the emails after she was officially subpoenaed to release them. She expects the American public to forgive her, but insists that they must not give Trump a pass. What a delusional hypocrite!!! 

Trump doesn't have a hidden agenda for running for president.  He certainly didn't need the aggravation. He is rough around the edges, but  he's not a misogynist or racist.  I do believe he really wants to see positive change for the country and restore the lives of the many people who have lost so much. If we fail to stop this decline within our society,  and continue to allow Washington politics to pocket our tax money for their own gain, we will reach a point of 'no return' and become a 3rd world country.

Please vote.  Vote for Donald Trump.  Allow him to be the 'catalyst' to  a fresh, new, and positive change in our lives. Let's pull together and make our country great again.  Let's repair our roads, bridges, schools, cities.  Let's bring business back to our shores.  Let's educate our children and teach them positive values and how to build character. Let's create jobs for our people, especially our young college graduates, who are  discouraged and burdened with heavy college debt.  Let's restore everyone's morale with a sense of purpose and a dream for the future. Let's rid ourselves of all the corrupt, depraved psychopaths who want to destroy our country and take away our  freedom.

Can one man accomplish all this?  No - but many minds and hearts can.  We must have a solid foundation before positive change can begin. We need leaders and visionaries to jump-start our goals and guide us towards prosperity and happiness. Perhaps this means you.  Vote Republican.  Vote for your future.