Let me share with you some very alarming facts about the government and how they have eliminated your access to web design software & stifled your abilities to publish onto the web.


The other day I went to Best Buy to explore my options on purchasing a new computer system.  Since I do web design, I hoped to find a system that would be compatible to my existing software. Research informed me that Windows 7 was the only possibility. Although I did a great deal of research on line, there were so many contradictory statements on the various blogs.  I was eager to speak to one of the sales clerks in hopes of obtaining some concrete information. After all, they sell the damn computers and should be knowledge- able, wouldn't  you think?  Wrong. The majority of these kids know very, very little about web design, web sites, software, etc.  They only know about their smart phones . . .  and how to text their buddies and take pictures to upload on Face Book. Wow.  I'm impressed. 

Well, as many of you may already know, 'Best Buy' only sells (are you ready?) 'Windows 10'.  They don't even offer you the option of buying other computer systems from their supposedly vast database of computers.  What a joke. The only sales pitch the kids they hire are programmed to say is, "We only sell Windows 10."

To add more annoyance to my experience, I was approached by a Hewlett Packard sales clerk and was momentarily hopeful as I thought he could help me find a solution. After several seconds my enthusiasm disintegrated when he informed me he had no idea of what  'Front Page' was. No idea whatsoever.  Excuse me.  This should be on the tip of his tongue if he were to even think about persuading someone who has done web design on an XP to consider upgrading to a  Windows 10 system; a system he couldn't even offer to demonstrate its capabilities. It seems that these computers are used specifically to advertise for large businesses, like Amazon.com.  The sites resemble a newspaper or magazine format.  Noticeably, there aren't any software packages offered with 'Windows 10' (Word, Excel, Music, etc.) because this overpriced, useless computer system doesn't perform any of these functions unless you purchase additional 'add-ons' - if you even can.  Are you getting the picture?  Of course you are. You probably have had your own annoying experience. 

We must try to comprehend why Microsoft abandoned much of their 'old' software. Mostly it was aimed at the home user who wanted to build a website without a huge 'corporate' presentation and statement. Rather, it was more personal and was designed to advertise a person's small business and/or creative skills.  As time evolved, many people used MS Word to publish docs to their website and/or; advertise information that was originally generated and published by the newspapers, etc. 'FrontPage' could now do what so many 'business applications' formerly did exclusively.  And, since the computers were performing well, people weren't upgrading and spending lots of money on repairs or upgrades.  How could Microsoft and Apple get the public interested in all their smart phones and tablets? Simple. Limit or completely block the average person's ability to design and publish a website, discontinue all the former software people had invested in, design the upgraded computers to be incompatible with older computers and software, and discontinue the sales force from offering information and assistance to people about their computer glitches. The goal of  'big business' was to force people to eventually seek 'something new'; something that didn't require too much intelligence - only money. They geared their marketing strategy on the 'younger generation', who became obsessed with the technology.  


All the smart phones have similar formats; easy enough for the kids to grasp. The government and 'big' business now 'rape' the unsuspecting public for technical options they already had on their old websites - the sites they can no longer operate. The whole sham sickens me.  New technology is inferior - not superior -  to what we used to have. It is limiting and controlling. Gates and 'big' government don't  give a damn about destroying the efforts of so many thousands of people who have lost their 'internet' voice and connection. We're suppose to just 'suck it up' as progress.  Really? That doesn't fly anymore.  We're on to the control freaks and their puppet brainwashing 'media'.

Let me share some comments from 'Sheldon' that I lifted off the web: 

"FrontPage is NOT supported by Windows 7 and is no longer supported by Microsoft at all. It does not work in Win 7- period. If you are able to install it, which most can't, there is a chance it will appear to run if you've just done an up-grade from XP to Win 7 and not a clean install of FrontPage, but if you try to insert graphics, make forms or even save a page it will not work and you will get one of any number of errors. Even if you run it in XP Compatibility Mode. Microsoft says flat out that some programs, even theirs, designed for XP will not work in Windows 7 although they do not 'name names'. (That I'm aware.). MS has also said that if one has Win 7 Pro or Ultimate one can download and install their free XP Mode program which supposedly runs an XP window with Win 7, but from those I've read about that have tried it, and also Virtual Machine, it still does not work. Tech-Net is of little help as they no longer discuss FrontPage except in relation to using an outside contractor to help make IIS and FrontPage extensions to work on Win 7 servers. I'm loath to spend another $90 to upgrade to Win 7 Professional just to get this one feature and then still not have it work.

I have 'Expression Web', but hate it and truly miss my FrontPage as Expression Web is about the buggiest program I've ever seen, and it it more designed for large corporate users than for the small design group or individual who cannot afford to attend constant training classes. I'm dismayed that Microsoft will not make the effort to make FrontPage work in Win 7. I'm sure there are still many thousands, if not millions, of users around the world that get a very bad taste in their mouths over this as I, and are starting to look for alternatives to Microsoft products.

Oh, and I'm not a neophyte as I'm a retired MCSE, A+, Web Developer, and Microsoft Office instructor who's been working with computers since 1968 and MS since PC DOS 1.0 and even '86-DOS' before that. I've been using FrontPage since before MS owned it when it was still owned by Vermeer designing my first pages for the WWW in 1994.

I and many, many others wouldn't be asking the question if it did work for us. I do believe when you say it works for you, but the fact remains that it doesn't work for all of us. I have noticed that a lot of the people having problems with it have installed an upgrade to 2003 from a previous version and not a clean install of a full retail version of FrontPage. That was my case also. When I tried to run my upgraded FP2003 after upgrading to Win 7 from XP Pro it would lock up within a minute of working. Of course once I found it would not work I did set the compatibility to XP, but that made no difference. I then spent several hours reading Q&A sites and finally uninstalled FP altogether and reinstalled if from a full retail version of FP2003. After that it I still had the problems although not as severe. Compatibility was once again set to XP wherein I was able to actually open a page and edit for the first time, but even then, once I tried to save the page I was unsuccessful. Just to confirm I just now fired up FP2003, "open site", went to one of my sites on a FrontPage server opened the 'index.html' file and it popped up on the screen, but got the hour glass. I just keep hoping there is a definitive solution for those of us who are having problems rather than just saying that it works under Win 7 and implying that we who are having problems are either lying or maybe just plain idiots. According to the Windows 7 Compatibility Center, there are no compatibility issues between Windows 7 and FrontPage 2003.

Well, an update... I completely removed all remnants of FP2003 from my system, then re-installed it. Now it seems to almost be working. I say "almost" because I've also discovered something that explains why it will no longer work editing dynamically and saving pages using FrontPage and not FTP. I have done all my hosting at GoDaddy for about 11 years now and they quietly quit supporting FrontPage Extensions. No notice. Not even an e-Mail to their Windows clients. I had over 100 domains hosted there at one time, before I mostly retired, and they were all on IIS/FrontPage servers. That explains why I could not longer get FrontPage created forms to save or work, as well as hit counters and other features that required FrontPage Extensions. The clean install fixed FrontPage not working on my computer, but now that I can't edit dynamically I no longer have a real use for FrontPage. I still have about 20 sites I support and I do have Expression Web, so I guess it is time to bite the bullet and move on. Sometimes it is just time to replace that old, comfortable, well-broken-in pair of shoes with the new, uncomfortable pair. Even they will one day be comfortable and one just has to get past the 'Dang do my feet hurt' stage."  -  Sheldon

Additional comments . . .

I have Windows 7 and Office Professional 2003 SP3 and FrontPage2003. FrontPage will open normally some times. After a few uses when I try to open it, I get a msg saying 'it could not open normally', then it asks me if I want to open it in a 'safe mode'. I click 'yes' and it will open to a blank page.

I have used FP 2003 on windows 7 before with no problems. I had to recently re-install windows 7 and all my programs. Now when I try to open FP I get an error msg that a problem caused the program to not open properly. It then will ask if I want to open it in safe mode; which I can. Any suggestions?

When I open FrontPage I get an 'error' msg that it did not open correctly the last time, and would I like to open it in 'safe mode'? I can open it in safe mode. I've tried re-installing with no difference. I have heard of an update to install but can not find it anyplace. Any help is greatly . . .

Hi there. I have a new laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium and am trying to access my website using FrontPage 2003 or SharePoint Designer 2007. Every time I try to use the access the site using the FrontPage/ SharePoint option my credentials (id and password) come back as if the they were not . . .

And so it goes.  One problem after another.  'Capitalism'?  No - GREED - and complete disregard for the American public. However, it seems that many of the Window 10 computers are not selling - and I truly hope they rot in the warehouses.  Not that Gates would even notice a 'dip' in his billions. That's another story.  

Bill Gates

(I wonder how he sleeps at night?)

Do you really think Gates was just an ordinary 'geek' who got lucky and became a billionaire?  How naive we all are. The bogus story of a young Gates and his friends offering Microsoft to the World was completely orchestrated by the government and Illuminati cabal when they believed it would be lucrative.  Gates is not a stranger to politics and many of his activities operate behind the 'Microsoft' cover.  

Here's a little family history on Gates  . . . 

The Bill and Belinda Gates Foundation, a major founder of vaccination programs in the 'Third World', has given multi-millions to Planned Parenthood. Senior Gates (Bill's father) was a leading member of its board as well as other population control organizations. Read David Icke's research (Human Race Get Off Your Knees) - page 459 -  to learn about population reduction by the Gates Foundation and the 'Obama' healthcare plans for government-funded abortion without limits.

 It's all about money and control!


On Friday, July 6th, 2012,  Obama quietly (secretly) signed his name to an Executive Order allowing the White House to control all private communication in the country in the name of ‘national security’.

On the government’s official website for the National Communications Systems, the government explains that the ‘infrastructure’ includes wire lines, wireless, satellite, cable, and broadcasting systems that include the transport networks supporting the Internet and other key information systems.

This suggests that Obama effectively allowed himself to control the country’s Internet access!

The Internet has been used creatively to expose the ‘Orwellian’ agenda, but the bloodline families are now seeking to suppress the free flow of information on the Web. While they have obtained some major benefits from the Internet in terms of surveillance, there has been a downside with the explosion of information across the Net about their covert operations and manipulations of the population. Patrick Redmond, a former employee of IBM, said in 2008 that the switch from analog to digital TV was mainly to free analog frequencies for scanners that would read implanted microchips and track people and products wherever they went. The rush to go ‘digital’ was due to the plan to use the UHF-VHF frequencies of the chips.

The concentration of power in the global media is fast moving to a similar structure that destroys diversity and ensures that everyone receives the same version of’ ‘news’ and information no matter where they are. The most extreme policy (so far) proposed to stop the truth coming out was delivered by Cass Sunstein (Rothschild Zionist), Director of the Office of Regulatory Affairs and a friend of Obama’s at Harvard, who has said that the Internet is a ’threat to democracy’. Sunstein published a paper in January 2008, highlighting the need to break up ’the hard core of extremists who supply conspiracy theories’; more likely, he was speaking about anyone criticizing the government.

An ambitious counter-attack to gain control over the masses is their plan to ‘microchip the global population‘. And who are they targeting? Our babies! Micro-chipping babies at birth is the goal of the bloodline families to insure that no one comes into this reality in human form without being connected to the Reptilian computer network and the Global Positioning System, which is there to monitor everyone on the planet via satellite. It will allow the population to be ‘tracked’ every minute of their lives and there wouldn’t be a single second when the ‘authorities’ would not know where you were. More significantly, since the body is a ‘biological computer‘, they want to implant the microchip to hijack its electrochemical systems, control every human mentally, emotionally, and physically. Once inside the body, it can control the individual externally via signals to the chip. It can manipulate a person to be aggressive or submissive, sexually high or sexually suppressed, and feel extreme fear at the touch of a button or the click of a ‘mouse‘. How is this possible?

The ‘chip’ is the interface between two computer systems - the ‘human body’ and the one controlled by the ‘authorities‘. ‘Thought’ generates electrical signals and thought waves. Instructions (thoughts) can be implanted in the human psyche by sending them in vibrational/electrical form through the ‘chip‘. In that state, humans become nothing more than robots. The bloodlines want a ‘micro-chipped’ World army of human robots to work with the robot technology. With electromagnetic frequency (EMF) brain stimulation, fully coded, pulsating electromagnetic signals can be sent to the brain causing the desired voice and visual effects to be experienced by the ‘target‘. This technology to ‘monitor behavior’ is already well advanced and available. The potential for human control is horrific. The development of the brain/computer interface was conducted under contract to DARPA, the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. There aren’t any potential benefits for those with disease and paralysis caused by a damaged ‘electrical’ body system because DARPA hasn’t funded the develop- ment of this technology to help anyone. None of the Illuminati corporations have any interest in protecting the health of the ‘cattle’ (their terminology for humans). It’s all about total control.

(Read mind-boggling information in my publication 'Trial of the Archons' - Silent War - Page 138 . . .

“The quality of education given to the lower class must be of the poorest sort, so that the moat of ignorance isolating the inferior class from the superior class is and remains incomprehensible to the inferior class. With such an initial handicap, even bright lower class individuals have little if any hope of extricating themselves from their assigned lot in life. This form of slavery is essential to maintain some measure of social order, peace, and tranquility for the ruling upper class.”      (excerpt from 'Silent War' )