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What you are about to read will undoubtedly shock you.  This is not my intent.  The purpose of this article is to share knowledge, albeit controversial, so that you, a Seeker of Truth, will be able to determine if the context of this article, (compiled from Mr. Tsarion's novel), generates any merit.  If you are a woman, you will probably resonate stronger to the message, although it will speak to the male individual to a greater or lesser degree.

October 2004

It is highly recommended that you familiarize yourself with Mr. Tsarion's novel.  (I will later advise how you may purchase the novel).  I am assuming that you are open to the possibility of "alien visitation" on Earth.  Using this concept as the foundation of this article, it will be my endeavor to relate how the Nephilim established Atlantis (on the continent of Appalachia) as their main headquarters.  From this center they would corral and experiment on the indigenous Earth inhabitants taken from cultures and tribes that were shaken by the recent celestial catastrophe of the first of two massive prehistoric deluges.   Nearly all the native cultures of the Earth record the visitation of strange and advanced individuals possessed of miraculous powers.

After Atlantis was constructed, the alien-visitors sought to establish the "New Order" over their minions, the natural and nature loving inhabitants of the Earth, which was accomplished with biogenetic interference and alteration of indigenous Earth inhabitants.  This biogenetic intervention and hybridization resulted in the demise of the Neanderthal and the sudden appearance of the much more sophisticated Cro-Magnon.  Those chosen for hybridization by the Nephilim inherited the alien DNA.  Some of them were sent back into their tribes as kings possessed of powerful magic and wealth.  Henceforth, bloodline would be extremely important to the monarchs of the Earth. 

The records of hundreds of cultures lead to the conclusion that their eventual decline and fall was due to external interference.  The alien invaders and their lackeys instilled the idea that nature was threatening and antithetical to humankind, something to be abused and possessed.  It is extremely unlikely that such a pernicious philosophy could originate from within humankind.  A study of Christian history discloses the portentous fact that the concept of the "malignancy of matter" coming into the movement from Hinduism through Zorastrianism, became an influence overwhelmingly dominating the theology and the ethic whose driving motivation was the idea that the instincts of the flesh must be crushed in the interests of the spirit.  It lay the Christian mind open to the obsession of a psychological influence that that has been nothing less than devastating to sanity, inflicting upon the psyche a trauma that has produced morbidity and crushed to a degree the natural instinct for human happiness.

So, from these malefactors comes the notion of the removed god, a distant, immaterial and punitive "Demiurge" that requires man to repress natural instincts and live in constant guilt.

They also instilled the fallacy that women are lower in ontological status than men and that they are to be distrusted and kept in subordinate positions.  Polygamy, another practice pervasive in certain ancient societies, was again based on the need for these biologically "superior" entities to reproduce their kind as fast as was possible.   Keeping women in submissive positions and having them uneducated mitigated against them ever wondering why they were being used as incubators.  (History records Adolph Hitler and his attempts to produce a Master Race in basically a similar manner.  The Catholic Church, with its rigid dogma against birth control, also falls into this category). 

Many world myths and legends speak of wars between the giants and refer to the attempt of Earth inhabitants to eradicate strange demonic visitors.   When the peoples of the sequestered colonies of original Earth inhabitants on Atlantis rebelled and prepared to vacate and overthrow the tyrannical technocratic elites, they settled on lands that were unfamiliar.  Many of them were themselves genetically altered and possessed what was called "magical powers".

After the rebellion of the "First Born", aka referred to as "Sons of the Serpents" - the original "Serpent People" (aliens) were forced to again begin reproducing a new race that would be subservient to their rule. 

This is an appropriate place to explain why the term "Serpent" was used as a moniker for the Nephilim and their offspring.  It refers to knowledge, especially of the arcane kind and to the technological mastery that they possessed.  The Nephilim were scientists.  The serpent symbol, often referred to as the Uraeus, the Agatho Daimon, The Feathered Serpent or even the Phoenix is a positive symbol, and like the dragon with five toes, is connected to wisdom, white magic, and mystical practice. The plain non-winged, non-crowned, generally plain appearing snake, like the dragon with three claws, is a negative symbol and used by the original aliens and by underworld criminal syndicates.

The Serpent Masters decided that unlike their first progeny, a race that possessed the DNA of their alien fathers, as well as that of the indigenous Earth people, Homo Sapiens, they would create a new race and block intellectual capacities that they themselves possessed; i.e. genetic science.  The new members of this slave race were termed "Adamic" meaning from the earth and would be kept "naked" (ignorant) in the Garden.   Being naked ultimately meant that the members of the hybrid Adamic servant race would be strictly forbidden to partake of something now referred to as the "Tree of Life" or "Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil".   These were other cryptic euphemisms for the knowledge of biology and genetics.   

The Adamic Race were of both genders, although the modified "Eves" could not  reproduce sexually at that time.  After the creation of the "Adamic Race", the Serpent Masters felt confident that their colonization of the Earth was finally secure.  However, something happened that thwarted their plans for a third time.  The "Sons of the Serpents" (now colonized on Lemuria) found out what their fathers were doing and about the newly created race that had taken their place as unwitting servants to evil.  They felt these experiments were wrong and this latest servant race was, although ignorant, part human - and therefore cousins to themselves.  It was decided that emissaries of the "Sons of the Serpents" would make contact with the new race.

When they entered the "Garden" to open dialogue with their cousins in bondage and spiritual ignorance, the male Adams were not that interested in the counsel of their visitors.   But the females, the Eves, were.  It is said that the Eves found the newcomers comely and attractive.  The visitors told those Adams and Eves who would listen that they were being kept in a state of induced ignorance and servitude, but that it was within them to become "gods" themselves, and that if they left the Garden and came to Lemuria (Oceania) they would be shown all that had been hidden from them and be awakened to their true natures.  Finally, because of this intercession, a great multitude of the Adamic race did follow their wise visitors to their island paradise.  They were taken to Lemuria by spacecraft.

This experience of transport through Earth's atmosphere was recorded by some and passed down the generations in what are now considered fabulous tales of "Chariots of Fire."  

Because of the allegiance of the Eves and their curiosity toward the higher mysteries, the Matriarchal cults of the Priestess began. These cults of power women existed down to Medieval times, when the Brotherhood of the Snake, under the guise of Catholicism, rose up to destroy them, en masse.  The Eves have never been forgiven for their abandonment of the alien hegemony.  Their decision sealed their fate.  That the compilers of the Old Testament and the creators of the Anthropomorphous, monotheistic religions propound the subservience of woman should be enough of whom they serve.  The following passage reveals the wrath of the Atlanteans, not only toward their "First Born", but also of the Eves:  

Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shall thou go, and dust shall you eat all the days of thy life.  (Genesis 3:14)

In Eve's scene at the tree . . . nothing is said to indicate that the serpent who appeared and spoke to her was a deity in his own right, who had been revered in the Levant for at least seven thousand years before the composition of the Book of Genesis.  (Joseph Campbell, Occidental Mythology)

The appellation Satan, in Hebrew . . . belongs by right to the first and cruelest "Adversary" of all other Gods - Jehovah, not in the serpent which spoke only words of sympathy and wisdom.  (Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky)

Women have always been marginalized and degraded in post-diluvium times, because of their allegiance to the "First Born".  The Book of Genesis reveals the intense hatred that the Bent Ones have toward the female. The tyrannies which have been perpetrated against womankind through all the centuries, though disguised as a male versus female problem, are certainly not at all confined to this, which is why so little is changing.  The gender problem and dichotomy are but a carefully crafted manifestation of a greater malevolence, an all pervasive ancient loathing for Earth's original inhabitants.  Once we approach the problem from its root, we will see progress.

When we look back across the historical time of patriarchy . . . there seems to be some terrible inevitability, a relentless desire to crush the female essence, human and divine.  The question of why is one of the most puzzling of our time. 
                    (Leonard Schfain, The Alphabet and the Goddess)

Nephilim - Those who were cast down (Bible & Book of Enoch)

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