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We're not putting down those seasoned advertising gimmicks - they worked and laid the foundation for our present day marketing strategies.  However, technology has speeded up the pace and business competition is very strong - not only locally - but world-wide.  It's urgent that you stay in the running and so it may be  time for you to do a web page to optimize your company's business opportunities and remain competitive.  Being on the web can be very rewarding but it is important that you are aware of its limitations.  A website is really a compliment to any "hard copy" advertising you are presently doing in your local papers and business cards.  Think of the two modes of advertising as a team - each having its unique value.

As you know, newspaper ads are very expensive and you are limited to what you can say in the ads  because of expense. The more space you use - the more money you spend.  However, once you have a web page designed for your business, you will be able to display your information in a much more expansive mode without worrying about the space you are using.  A web page has unlimited space contrary to the ordinary box ad and will cost a great deal less!! And for a nominal charge, your site can be updated on a regular basis - and this is important when you want to advertise "specials" to your customers.  

Many business people may not be computer literate or know much about web design or how to get their site on the web . . . and they may think it is very expensive.  While in the past, computer specialists did charge big bucks, things have changed.  Due to the ever changing economy, web advertising has matured to a realistic and affordable vehicle of advertising promoted with Web Masters who are truly offering reliable and affordable service.

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