When was the last time you read a story that captured your heart and was a real 'page turner'?  Author Reimer introduces you to Amber - a woman unable to  move on and 'let go' of a man she still loves. He fears she will leave him again if he allows the fire of their lost love ignite. As you learn about their situation, you find yourself hoping they can persevere and realize a 'happy ending'. If you are an incurable romantic and believe in true love, you don't want to miss this sensitive story about people like yourself or someone you may know who met and fell in love at the wrong time. Will fate intervene and allow them a 'second chance'?  

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Looks like we're not out of the woods with this one.  There's a lot of buzz on YouTube about an impending Pole Shift. Like everyone else, I had hoped the threat had passed since it was scheduled for 2012.  Maybe Patrick Geryl wasn't wrong with his prediction after all.  











Unfortunately, neither has the 'EMP' scare disappeared.  If  anything, it is now more of a 'reality' than a few years ago.  Although more people are aware of the severe implications of an EMP explosion and howit can 'wipe out' the grid (for an indefinite time) in any area of the country, It wouldn't hurt to review this horrific possibility.



Author Tom Horn stated that, "Since its inception, America has been under the control of the 'occult' and that the Founding Fathers actually prophesied a coming global leader … that is going to lead the United States into a New World Order, who Horn asserted would be the Antichrist.  He said, "The Time cover, was a prophetic sign that Trump is leading that battle against this coming supernatural darkness. He asked, "Did you see what Time magazine did?”  He then commented,  “In their feature article on Trump called ‘Trump Goes To War Against Washington, D.C.,’  they showed a giant picture of him leaning against the 'obelisk' and breaking it. That was a very subtle and telling message about who this war is against. This is a battle against supernaturalism. Some got it and most didn’t, but that is exactly the point that they were making.”








Enough already.  We're sick and tired of your constant whining and complaining every moment you get the opportunity.  Face it!  You lost because the American people had enough of you and your 'corrupt', deceitful policies towards the country and its citizens.  We tolerated eight years of betrayal with your  'Obama' politics.  And  we  weren't going to give Hillary  the opportunity to continue the Obama communist legacy. Neither of these saboteurs had anything beneficial to offer to true Americans.  You're out of business.  Face it.  You're will not succeed in your attempts to sabotage Trump. You're finished.  Move on. Stop the rioting, the harassment, the ignorant and spiteful stance you think means something.  It doesn't.  We're on to you.  We don't want your fascist, communist, 'Soros' funded leanings and politics. Unless there is a major transformation within your political camp, you will never be accepted by the American people again.  Think honesty, loyalty, and integrity for starters and a great deal of humility and atonement. 


In eight  years I improved life for millions of:

Illegal aliens

Every Muslin terrorist group

Basically everyone I could

except  . . . 

the one country I was responsible for




Trump voters, beware! The liberals are doing their best to drive a wedge between you and your President. Don’t let it happen. Funnel their allegations of 'flip flopping','180s', and all their malicious accusations with the same alert skepticism you used in assessing their bogus campaign charges of 'racism', 'sexism', 'anti-Semitism', and every other negative ‘ism’ they accused Trump with. Their 'soiled past' is wearing them down and they're frantically hoping to smear others for their many felonies before they are exposed. They have shown the World how ineffective, ignorant, and vindictive they are. Trump is an expert when it comes to dealing with phonies.  He holds the last Ace in the deck.  Liberals beware! You're not fooling anyone but yourselves.







While thousands opened their hearts to the 'man in white', they didn't know they were being 'conned'.






A  major CATHOLIC newspaper (The REMNANT) asked Donald Trump to investigate whether a conspiratorial 'Vatican - U.S.' Democratic Party alliance forced the abdication of Pope Benedict and tinkered with the ensuing Conclave to insure the election of Pope Francis (Petrus Romanus) in order to make (as Father Malichi Martin had warned) . . . the Catholic Church an instrument of the prophesied final 'World Order'.

(Looks like Tom Horn's published novel 'Petrus Romanus' was right on target).











Let me share with you some very alarming facts about the government (in conclusion with dear ol' Bill Gates) and how they have eliminated your access to web design software & stifled your abilities to publish on the web.






















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