When was the last time you read a story that captured your heart and was a real 'page turner'?  Author Reimer introduces you to Amber - a woman unable to  move on and 'let go' of a man she still loves. He fears she will leave him again if he allows the fire of their lost love ignite. As you learn about their situation, you find yourself hoping they can persevere and realize a 'happy ending'. If you are an incurable romantic and believe in true love, you don't want to miss this sensitive story about people like yourself or someone you may know who met and fell in love at the wrong time. Will fate intervene and allow them a 'second chance'?  

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Looks like we're not out of the woods with this one.  There's a lot of buzz on YouTube about an impending Pole Shift. Like everyone else, I had hoped the threat had passed since it was scheduled for 2012.  Maybe Patrick Geryl wasn't wrong with his prediction after all.  





Unfortunately, neither has the 'EMP' scare disappeared.  If  anything,it is now more of a 'reality' than a few years ago.  Although more people are aware of the severe implications of an EMP explosion and howit can 'wipe out' the grid (for an indefinite time) in any area of the country, It wouldn't hurt to review this horrific possibility.







For the first time in history a president has legitimized an openly anti-American country with expansionist aims to help him expand his ego-centric political legacy at home. We just handed Iran everything it wanted in exchange for a promise to keep the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation it already signed back in 1968.  A former CIA director stated the Obama Administration  has failed the American people big time.  So far, I haven't seen anywhere near enough commitment from the White House or any place else in protecting the country and our citizens, said R. James Woolsey, who served as Director of the Central Intelligence in the Clinton Administration.    Thanks Obama. 






While thousands opened their hearts to the 'man in white', they didn't know they were being 'conned'.





























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